RWA Update Saturday

All right, so Saturday, I had an energy bar for breakfast then went to a workshop on Promotion with Sheila Clover of COS Productions (Book trailers) Rebecca York (author) Barbara Vey of PW and Sue Grimshaw of Borders. Lots of good ideas about promotion. Then I went to an agent panel with Steve Axelrod, Kristin Nelson (my agent) and Karen Solem. That was packed to beyond full. I got totally freaked about everything, but there was great information and varied opinions about the business.

I had a lovely lunch with my Berkley editor Kate Seaver, then dashed to the RITA rehearsal which was short and also freaked me out because I never thought I would be a RITA finalist and there I was in a room full of my dream authors. Since my main decongestant didn’t kick in and do the job, right before lunch I took the other decongestant and just as Kate and I were sitting down to lunch, I could hear again. YAY!!!

After that I signed books at the Grand Central signing. I had a line much of the time which was pretty cool. I bought raffle tickets for the benefit for Jennifer Haymore, a Grand Central author who is currently battling breast cancer. A couple of years ago, we sat next to each other at the GCP dinner and had a wonderful chat. I wish she were here instead of this.

I finished off the afternoon by sitting with my roomie, Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches Trashy Books, Sarah Franz, Angela James of Carina Press and several other people talking about, what else? books.

Then I came back to the room to get ready for the RITAs.

I’m currently trying to decide if I should take more decongestant. I can hear OK so I’ll just have some on hand I suppose.


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