Hmm. Anyone else bothered by this?

CBS News legal analyst and attorney Lisa Bloom’s THINK: A Modern Girl’s Manifesto for Staying Smart in a Dumbed Down World, exhorting women to step away from the tabloid media, to toss out dusty old myths and dangerous distractions, and start thinking for themselves again, to Roger Cooper and Georgina Levitt at Vanguard Press, by Laura Dail at Laura Dail Literary Agency (NA).

Is anyone else bothered by the implication that modern women– oh, sorry, GIRLS — are not currently thinking for themselves? How am I to reconcile “dusty old myths” with “start thinking for themselves again” Like, women were thinking for themselves in the time before myths? Or was it back when our uteruses were supposed to fall out if we ran too fast? Or maybe back when we weren’t allowed to vote? Or maybe back when … gee, when would that be?

I confess that when I am stuck in line at the grocery store I glance at the tabloids to see who’s cheating on who and am sometimes tempted by the thought of losing 20 lbs of belly fat in 2 weeks. And also yesterday at Oliver’s Market the check out guy was so gorgeous I was mighty darn distracted. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lovelier man besides Alexander Skarsgard, and . . . where was I? Right. I’m going to shop at Oliver’s from now on. He complimented my spiffy checks so I’m pretty sure it’s love.

Mostly, this makes me think eff you. But that’s just me. What about you?


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7 Responses to “Hmm. Anyone else bothered by this?”

  1. When I see things like this I always wonder “who do they think is going to buy this book?” Non-fiction book proposals have to include that information in them, so I assume she said something compelling that made a publisher go “oh, yes, that’s a great market.” But I can’t imagine who it would be. Women like me and my friends don’t need to be told to think for ourselves. Women who can’t think for themselves won’t buy the book. “Girls”…well, I am not going there.


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  3. Cybercliper says:

    I’m kinda confused by the statement “exhorting women to step away from the tabloid media”. What does “tabloid media” encompass? I have a hard time distinguishing between tabloid and mainstream media. Mainstream doesn’t give a lot of facts, it’s mostly “talking heads” telling us what they think – like we don’t have enough sense to do it for ourselves…or making “news” out of product placement within what is supposed to be news. The “start thinking for themselves again” comment says it all and their willing to tell you what…the sad part is how many women will buy into it…

  4. Susan says:

    Well, there *must* be something wrong with me, otherwise I won’t buy her book on fixing the problem… Oh, but wait, yeah — I’m pretty sure I think for myself. And yeah, I don’t mind tabloids either. Makes me think I have friends with juicy gossip. 😉

    Great post, Carolyn. Such a very, very good point! I saw that same blurb about THINK, but I actually didn’t *think* too much about it. So thanks for sharing your reaction.

  5. cjewel says:

    You guys! Uh, gals! Stop thinking for yourselves! Let the big strong men who aren’t all distracted by shiny things take care of everything. And hey, look, I could lose 10 lbs in 10 days by — hey! Angelina Jolie is divorcing Brad!


  6. Encouraging feminism and individual-empowerment (especially for women) is tricky business. It’s usually presented from the platform that women (and girls) aren’t already standing strong and smart, and that’s just lame presentation.

  7. Tripp says:

    You mean . . . someone is telling women . . . to think for themselves? As if . . .

    Mainstream? There’s a mainstream media? Where? Where? I’d like to see 😉

    Honestly, I wish more of the female variety WOULD think for themselves, lol. More adult women, what a concept. Oh wait, the same applies to men . . . oops! :p