Contests and ARCs

The Reader’s Crown finalists are over at the Border’s True Romance blog today (August 7). Three commenters will win a Border’s gift card, so head on over! The finalists are talking in the comments about their books and interests so it’s definitely awesome over there today. My Forbidden Desire was a Reader’s Crown finalist so hey. I commented too. I might have said something about True Blood but there’s only one way for you to find out!

Over at the Riskies, I’m giving away some books so head on over and leave a comment there, too.

Lastly, I have a small number of ARCs of My Immortal Assassin and I’m going to give away one right here on this blog with the understanding that you will read the book and then post a review on your blog or somewhere suitable. If you don’t have a blog or other venue, then I will post your review here on my blog. That is the whole point of an Advanced Reader’s Copy, after all, that the book will be read and reviewed. You are not required to love or even like the book, by the way. Just post your honest review. And if you feel inclined to pass the ARC on to another reader to review, please do!

ARC contest

First, void where prohibited. Leave a comment (see below) by midnight Pacific Wednesday August 11. I’ll choose a random winner Thursday or Friday (August 12 or 13). Make sure you leave a valid email or commit to checking back to see if you won.

In your comment, caption the following photo. Feel free to use your thoughts about what the cat and or the bird might be thinking:
Cat watching a Bird



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13 Responses to “Contests and ARCs”

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  2. R Varnum says:

    Mmmmmmm Tweetybird

  3. Laurie G says:

    “Sweet Tweet Temptation!”

    “They say Patience is a Virtue!”

  4. Natascha says:

    “There’s another cat preventing me from getting my toy. And it’s looking straight at me.”

  5. Jem says:

    “Come to Papa. . . “

  6. “They think they’re clever, putting water between me and that bird, but they’re not clever at all. Swim cat is swim.”

  7. Keri Ford says:

    “You’re getting better at hide and seek.”

  8. cjewel says:

    ooh these are good.

    Thanks for entering and good luck!

  9. Susan in AZ says:

    Yum. Chicken and salad with water. Me favoorit.

  10. Sandy M says:

    You lookin’ at me, cat??

  11. Mary Murphy says:

    “Don’t move. Do.Not.Move. Stupid cat will think I’m a decoration.”

  12. Kimber says:


  13. Dana S says:

    Cat: Lunch!