Goofing Off Day # . . . I forget

Goofing Off

I have decided that I will goof off until 8/31. It’s like procrastination without the interruptions for deadline stress. It’s kind of nice. I read Elizabeth Hoyt’s Wicked Intentions and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you want a copy you have a few days yet to leave a comment over at the Risky Regencies where I interview Elizabeth herself! I’m about to start Lee Child’s Gone Tomorrow, which I managed to accidentally skip.

School started for the progeny but I went to CVS and bought his supplies there instead of at Staples. There was no line at CVS and they had everything we needed plus I think it was cheaper. So total win there!

Charity? They don’t want me!

After I picked up my son from school so we could go get said supplies as mentioned above, I dropped off a bunch of books at the Homeless Shelter because they said they took book donations and also had a bookmobile that serves rural Sonoma County where there are no libraries. They give many of the books away via the bookmobile, or so I was told. They were all brand new books – unread. Several of them were written by me and pulled straight from the boxes of books my publishers send to me. No different than if they’d just been unboxed at the bookstore. I’m sorry to say the gentleman at the desk wasn’t very friendly. In fact, if I hadn’t told him two employees had told me to bring the books, which is a true statement, I do believe he would have refused to take them. He demanded to know who had told me such a thing. So I doubt I will be doing that again anytime soon. Kind of sad. They need to get straight on what their needs are and get that communicated to everyone.


Last night I gave away the last of my ARCs of My Immortal Assassin. They went fast. I didn’t have many since my publisher took 12 from my allotment to give away at RWA, which was awesomely good thinking on their part. Of those 12, one went to a prize package, 10 went to people who were early in line at the Grand Central signing at RWA and I ended up giving one to Kris Alice of Love Letters magazine, the German publication that follows Romance. I sent a few to booksellers or certain readers/reviewers I know like my work, gave a couple away as prizes and gave away the rest on Twitter last night. A job well done! Those will go out in the mail Friday afternoon, if I can get to the Post Office, otherwise probably Monday.

Actually, I have one more ARC. It’s sitting in the pile of books at my bed. I like to read through the ARC when it comes to make sure there are no terrible surprises. This is something I am religious about because my agent has a story about a client who looked at her ARC and discovered it was a previous, unrevised, unedited version of her MS! ACK!!!! Someone had sent the printer the wrong file.

Speculation and Rumors about A Publisher

The decline of Dorchester Publishing continues to generate angst and rumors. Tonight the rumor, which I hear has been privately confirmed by a third party (so still not the same as actual confirmation) was that Chris Keeslar is the only remaining editor there. All other editors have been laid off. Sad if true. The fate of my backlist with them (Lord Ruin, The Spare, A Darker Crimson and "DX" in Shards of Crimson) remains unknown to me at this time. My hope is that Dorchester can make a success of their current business plan. I think we’ll know very soon. Fortunately, my agent is assisting me with this. It’s nice to know I can go to her for advice and even action, even though she was not my agent for any of these books.

I feel terrible for all the authors who had front list titles with Dorchester. How awful to make it through to publication, which means you have learned to write at a very very high level, only to have this happen to you. It’s not quite being orphaned since Dorchester is, at the moment, still in business, but the terms under which their books will be published — if they are — are now materially changed from what they had every right to expect, and the distribution of those books may never happen other than electronically. I don’t have any knowledge of what current Dorchester contracts say, but no print publisher is offering a royalty rate anywhere near that offered by Amazon or the established ePubs. I hate to think that any author turned down a more favorable ePub contract for the greater distribution of a print publication only to find themselves left with only the highly unfavorable digital royalties that were offered.

The situation isn’t much better for authors who have backlist with them. Some authors have quite a large backlist with them and those rights may now by tied up by a publisher that is no longer in a position to monetize their book.

And, as most RWA members are aware, Dorchester has had problems paying their authors for quite some time. There seems little short-term likelihood of payment for monies due to authors. It’s a bad situation all around and one that proves why a good agent is essential. My current agent stopped submitting to them quite some time ago so she has a very small number of clients who are affected and it’s only for backlist titles.


2 Responses to “Goofing Off Day # . . . I forget”

  1. As a Dorchester author, I can tell you how very precarious the situation feels. I’m keeping an open mind. (As best I can.)

    • Carolyn Jewel says:

      I really feel for authors who have titles that aren’t backlist. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the best possible outcome for you.