This and That with Poll

First off, this:

xkcd cartoon of Period Speech

Period Speech

I know this is not a brand new one, but it’s still funny. xkcd so often is.

I’m pretty much over my cold but now my son has it. I’m going to do another poll because I can. (You can select more than one answer!)

I Read eBooks on:

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7 Responses to “This and That with Poll”

  1. gwen hayes says:

    You are indeed, Teh Awesome.

    Love, Captain Sparklefish

  2. Anonymous says:

    Twitter Trackbacks…

  3. Kaige says:

    What Gwen said. 🙂

  4. Wildwitch says:

    Whoops. Meant to add Kobo. (I’m Canadian and have to support my former employer 🙂 )

  5. MaryK says:

    iPod Touch

  6. @wndxlori says:

    Bookkeen CyBook

  7. Dana S says:

    Ipod Touch. Stanza + Calibre = Happy Me. 🙂