Saving the world, one poll at a time

While I continue to slog through Freedom, here’s a couple of polls.

You must choose between one of two superpowers . . .

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There's a huge fight involving monsters. Who wins?

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Which Magical Creature Is Mostly Likely to Save Carolyn's Life?

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It’d be awesome if you left a comment about your choices


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9 Responses to “Saving the world, one poll at a time”

  1. SonomaLass says:

    The dragon is blue.

    If Nessie’s in the fight, that means it is a water fight. So of course she wins.

    There are too many minds I would be scared to read….

  2. The dragon’s going to save you, of course. Why, do you think, did I write that dratted diss on dragonslaying and dragontaming? So I could send my tamed dragon to rescue my friends, of course! 🙂

  3. cjewel says:

    A dragon, huh? And a blue one, fresh from a dissertation, too. Well, I’m up for anything!

  4. Melissa says:

    Oh, yes. Must be the dragon, because you super power is mind reading and you have to escape from the abominable snowman, of course!

    BTW, the abominable snowman I keep picturing in my mind is the one from Rudolph. Grrr! Dunnoh why.

  5. Jenny G. says:

    I voted for the elf because he is tall and handsome, which opens the door for romance. 😉

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’d love to fly — the thought of being able to read minds is too scary.

  7. Susan says:

    1. I agree with Elizabeth — mind reading = scary. Flying? Yes, please!

    2. I always had a soft spot for Nessie…

    3. Tall, handsome elves for sure! (Preferably named Legolas and played by Orlando Bloom.)

  8. MaryK says:

    I really don’t want to know what other people are thinking.

    Nessie is the biggest by far, how could she not win?

    Still contemplating #3. Thought about going w/ unicorn but I think they only go for virgins and don’t want to assume anything. 😀 Think I’ll go with dwarf because you seem to be having that kind of a day. LOL

    (You mean Freedom isn’t the bestest book ever written and far superior to anything an inferior little genre writer could dream up? [Read a HuffPost article that made me want to avoid all litfic just on principle.])

  9. Cara Wallace says:

    The mind-reading reminded me of the Buffy episode where she can hear everyone’s thoughts and it almost drives her insane. No thanks!