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Today I figured out how to import my nine years of Blogger posts into my WordPress blog. Yay for me! And for you because now all nine plus years of my blog are in once place. Yipee!!


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4 Responses to “Blog News”

  1. MF Makichen says:

    Congratulations! That’s quite a feat. Now when I need something to read I know where to come.

    • Carolyn Jewel says:

      Thanks! Now I don’t feel like all those years of posts are buried where no one will see them.

  2. angie says:

    hey, at least it didn’t take you 9 years to get them transfered over! that’s how it works when I try to do something computery. like my formal jargon, you computery person, you?

  3. cjewel says:

    I stumbled across a wordpress plugin that can import and export all kinds of accounts, and from there it was easy enough to see how I could make it work to get my FTP blog imported, even though the plugin doesn’t work for FTP blogs.