Interview, Signed Books and a Poll

Over at author Tina Folsom’s blog, I’m talking about writing and giving away signed copies of My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire to a commenter. So head on over and comment!

And, It’s time for a poll, I decided. Here it is:

Food You Have Eaten (Including Chocolate Covered)

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16 Responses to “Interview, Signed Books and a Poll”

  1. Natascha says:

    I don’t think a worms, cockroaches or a grasshoppers come covered in chocolate, but I don’t think that mattered to me as a child.

    • Carolyn Jewel says:

      Ack!!! Cockroaches? Really? Wow, some cultural things are way strong. I’m sure they’re nutritious and all and if I was starving or lost in the jungles or something — I just can’t go there. I’m sorry.

      Au contraire, mon not-a-frere, on the grasshoppers. I have seen real (dead) chocolate covered grasshoppers. Crickets too. Worms I don’t know about. No, I did not eat the grasshoppers or crickets.

  2. Susan in AZ says:

    Alligator tastes like Chicken, I ate Alligator Steak once in New Orleans. I wish I had the matching handbag now…

    • Carolyn Jewel says:

      Susan! I’m sure the handbag would have been cunning.

      My local grocery store sells buffalo meat, but so far I’ve only said, Huh. Look at that.

  3. Actually, I’ve had venison and buffalo– don’t like either one. LOL I have had frog legs and they were pretty good, but it still seems icky:)

  4. Jami Gold says:

    I had buffalo tongue soup once. 🙂

  5. GrowlyCub says:

    Love venison and buffalo. Snails are really only good for the garlic butter. Frog legs taste like chicken, as did the snake (don’t recall what kind, was on business trip in Asia) and the alligator. Shark can be prepared to taste like pretty much any meat, especially fish or chicken. Eel’s very fatty and I didn’t really care for it.

    I wouldn’t touch insects. I don’t do things that have more than four legs and facet eyes.

  6. Robin says:

    A very good friend of mine (who is Taiwanese) is fond of saying, “the Chinese eat everything with four legs but the table.” Having spent some time in Taiwan, I’ve eaten a lot of stuff, some of which I don’t even remember. Definitely involved some feet and legs, though. And organs, lots of organs. Chicken blood tofu was the least palatable to me. And I won’t touch sea cucumber, no matter how it’s prepared. Ate lots of game in Sweden, lots of lamb parts in the Middle East, too. Not a lot of bugs, when I think about it, though.

  7. Ann says:

    My grasshopper was in a nice soy-based sauce, not chocolate. Buffalo just tastes like lean beef. Elk and emu are good, too.

  8. I’ve had alligator nuggets too.

    When I was stationed in S. Korea, the subway station in Seoul always had a food cart outside with three different types of insects. Ants, some kind of beetle and grasshoppers, IIRC.

    I avoided that subway station after I got pregnant.

  9. Jared James says:

    Barbecued scorpions do not taste like chicken, but are nonetheless surprisingly meaty. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised; I’ve eaten lobsters and crabs, and they were full of delicious meat. But there you have it. Barbecued scorpion: strangest thing I actually liked.

  10. cjewel says:

    Wow. You guys are all WAY braver than I am.

  11. KD James says:

    I’ve had alligator and venison (is venison really considered odd? perhaps somewhat unusual when your uncle brings it over, along with a pheasant and a few ducks, within hours of killing it).

    But the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten is lutefisk. A Norwegian delicacy, if my ancestors are to be believed. Lutefisk is cod fish cured in lye and then boiled until it reaches a fetid gelatinous mass. The stench lingers for days. Growing up, we were required to eat a least a forkful every time it was served, which was way too often. If you’re lucky, it’s served with mashed potatoes. A multitude of culinary sins (I include peas in this category) can be hidden underneath a large portion of mashed potatoes. It does not taste like chicken.

  12. Lynnd says:

    Moose, caribou and ostrich are also very good.

  13. KimberG says:

    Thanks to China and New Orleans, I’ve eaten alligator, pig brain, pig intestine, duck feet, chicken feet, giant grasshoppers, dog, and more random things.

    Alligator tastes kind of like chicken, pig brain tastes like really soft liver, intestine tastes like a mix between liver and chicken but much crunchier/chewier, duck feet are awesome, chicken feet can be good but depends on how prepared, grasshopper was roasted so crunchy rather than full of goop like the beetles. Dog was like a pig/beef/chicken cross, or maybe I didn’t really taste it ’cause I felt so guilty.

    My favorites from the above: duck feet, followed by the brain and intestine. Shocked me too btw.

  14. librarypat says:

    I too have eaten a cockroach, but it was an accident. As for the “it tasted like chicken” block, well not really. I have eaten dog and bat. Dog is actually very good. Much better than goat. Have had elk, bear and alligator.
    In the Philippines, they fix a dish of pig intestines and pig blood. The nickname for it is chocolate blood. They also serve boiled eggs that have a partially developed chick or duck embryo. Had sea urchins there too. We had jumping salad one day. Dip small shrimp out of the fish pond, dump on a plate, sprinkle with a bit of vinegar, chase around the plate, catch and pop into your mouth.