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I’m over at Border’s True Romance Blog today (Jan 13) talking about My Immortal Assassin. You can win books over there so check it out!

You can also win stuff here. Cool stuff that will surprise you. Books. It’s the mystery prize surprise!

Answer the question below in the comments by midnight Pacific, Friday January 14. 2011. Void were prohibited. No purchase necessary. International is fine unless there’s a law against it in your country or mine.

If a demon came up to you and asked for a favor, what favor do you wish he would ask you?


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14 Responses to “Contest! Go Visit!”

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi, If a demon came up to me asked me for favor he would say: Hi, would you mind spending the Day keeping me company? I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes, because they are all so handsome, strong, sexy and I know Demons love being around human Females and then some! Wow! somewhere in there I wouldn’t mind more than that!! Even if it was just for one day!! What a Pleasurable Memory that would be and I would never forget it!!

  2. Chelsea B. says:

    I wish he would ask…. Me to be his forever. Come on! If I met me a demon, I would hope the situation would be all romance-y, and he would never want to be without me 🙂

  3. Renee Pajda says:

    I wish the favor would be that I spend the day with him listening to his stories so I could write them all down!

  4. angie says:

    This is what would go down:

    “Hey,” Demon 45 said in a rush, “I know you’re busy, but you don’t mind me asking you… I need someone to take this thing off my hands for a while.”

    Angel rolled her eyes and pivoted, ready to lash Demon 45 with a bit of her snarkiness. The phrase “do I look like a babysitter?” was on her tongue. Demons, lately, had become pains in the asses, always expecting favors: look over this minion for me…make sure this soul contract will hold up in hell court, blah, blah, blah… The devil should just cut out the effing middle man and hire her directly. Damn devil and demons and the rules.

    Angel glanced at the latest victim: six-four, shoulders like a swimmer, and ice blue eyes under lightning blonde hair. He was perfect right down to his moon pale skin and sarcastic smirk. It was a shame how the silver shackles had seared his wrists, even if they were a necessity.

    “I think I can manage,” she said. It was hard to fight the grin curling at her lips. Angel cleared her throat. “This one’ll cost you double, Demon.”

    Demon’s brow furrowed and he sighed.

    “You know this one’s a pain in the neck,” she added, wincing when her brain registered the terrible pun.

    Demon forked over the payment and Angel pulled on the chains that bound the vamp. The bloodsucker shuffled behind her like a whipped dog.

    “Not sure how Lucifer got his pitchfork into you.” She looked over her shoulder to see the vamp shrug.

    “I’ve got something he wants,” he said in an ice-cold tone. The soulless bastard always had a way with words. His way—arrogant and sexy—a cross between making you want to rip off his head and feed it to a jackal and baring your neck as if you were the local blood bank.

    “And now I’ve got you,” she replied. Angel yanked on the chains and pushed him to the ground. She dug her silver-tipped stiletto into his chest. The vamp stared at her while the point burned a perfect circle though his tight black T and into his flesh. “You like AC/DC, Northman?” She got right into his face, just a breath between their lips. “Cause I’m gonna shake you all night long!”

    (Corny, I know, but couldn’t resist…)

  5. Cathy M says:

    Since he has never had sex with a human woman before, his favor would be to let him practice pleasuring me. Now that is way out there fun!

  6. Limecello says:

    Uhhhhh tough one. First, I’d have to hope the demon’s “natural form” was a good one – you know, all hot and sexy a la romance type. Not… like the horror movie ghouls. And favor? Yeah – along the lines of the other ones. Have some fun 😉 Orrrr – :X maybe I’d help him pick who to possess. Not that I have anyone in mind… *angelface*
    [Also, what prize? … CHOCOLATE LOAF?!?!]

  7. Deyanith says:

    I wish this Demon would ask me to let him use my body for a day or two. I think it would be a win win situation, he gets to use my body, like getting inside me to be among humans or do whatever he needs to do without being noticed and I would get to feel the strength and physical power of demons for that day!

  8. Kathy H. says:

    I’ve read tons of romance novels and tons of scary stuff and the fright won out so I’m going with directions!

  9. Carmen R says:

    I wish the favor he asked me would be for me to relay his life story to others. How cool would it be for a demon to tell you his life story.

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  11. Lindsey Ekland says:

    He needs fashion advice and wants to go shopping so he will not stick out like a sore thumb.

  12. Cindy L says:

    Hmmm…I wish he would ask me to take over his powers while he goes on a much needed vacation!

  13. Zainuriah Abd Rahman says:

    Help him to be human so that he can be with me forever ( this demon is one good looking demon)

  14. Hah!! You guys gave awesome answers. Off to pick the winner now . . .