Things You Shouldn’t Do To Authors

Publishing is a tough business and at the moment looks to be getting even tougher. If you’re a writer looking to get traditionally published, it’s pretty daunting. Heck, it’s daunting even if you’re already published.

Aside from a few outliers, most of whom are probably famous, in order to find someone who will pay you to publish your book, prospective authors need to do some work, even after all the hard work of writing the dang book. Yeah, I know. But that’s the way it is.

1. You probably should find a few people who aren’t friends or relatives to read your book so you can get some outside opinion about whether your book is as good as you think it is. Hint: The answer is almost certainly No. And that’s true whether you’re published already or not. Mostly, you look for a critique group.

2. After you’ve revised and improved your novel, you need research how to find a publisher. In this case, as in so many others, Google is your friend. Then after you’ve educated yourself, you follow the instructions, which are actually pretty straightforward, and start querying. This is straightforward, yes, but it is not easy. Sorry. You’ll have to work hard at it.

Here’s what you don’t do:

Don’t ask some random author to read your manuscript, which you have attached.

Don’t email an author with a list of all the errors she’s committed and then ask her if she’ll do all the work of 1 and 2 above for you.




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  1. Natascha says:

    I really hope this didn’t happen to you!