New Contest with a Chocolate Prize!

I’m interviewed over at SOSAloha and there’s a discussion about chocolate going on. In a comment I said I’d have a contest on my blog where the prize is a 2 lb box of Leonidas chocolates – your choice, I’ll have it shipped to you or do a gift certificate. If you’re in Europe, we’ll work something out. It seems silly to ship Belgian chocolates back to Europe. Which is a way of saying, enter wherever you are. We’ll work it out.

Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. International is fine. Contest closes midnight Pacific, Friday February 4th. If you don’t leave an email address when you comment, then you need to make sure you provide one in your comment or commit to check the blog after the contest closes to see if you won.

To enter, answer the following questions:

1: What is your favorite color and WHY?

2. Diamonds, emeralds or rubies. WHY?

3. A hot elf wants to give you a gift of 1 and 2 combined. What is it?



41 Responses to “New Contest with a Chocolate Prize!”

  1. 1. Purple – it’s richness….love the combo of blue and red and the fire it can have.

    2. Diamonds #1; Rubies #2; Emeralds – nope
    I love the shininess of diamonds, the way the shoot fire under the right rights. I love rubies, but lately I’ve gotten into the pinker rubies. Emeralds lack the glitz I want in gems.

    3. It’s a ring…diamonds and pink rubies (which can look a little like light purple)

  2. Dani Greer says:

    Red, emeralds, a crown fit for a queen. And as you can tell, my motto could be “will work for chocolate”. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Edited to remove unauthorized promo.

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  4. Rachel Stevenson says:

    Lilac is my favorite color because I have discovered the power of a little lilac dress. Basically I’ve gotten two men I really liked to ask me out by wearing little lilac dresses.

    Emeralds because I just love the richness of emeralds and I’m very Holly Golightly in the fact that I couldn’t possibly wear diamonds before I’m 50.

    Hmmm…..I think it would be the earrings my dad gave my mom for Christmas, which are huge square emeralds surrounded by diamonds….dad has pretty good taste in jewelry. And of course I’d wear them with a little lilac dress.

  5. LoriA says:

    1. Blue first, then red. I love jewel tones. Something about the right shade of blue makes me think I can dive in and get lost. It seems truly magical to me.

    2. Diamond is my birth stone, and i love the reflected rainbow, but I prefer rubies (or even emeralds) because of the jewel tones, and the way the light reflects within.

    3. A ruby ring set in gold. A sapphire one, too, for the blue (maybe set in platinum). I wear earrings more than anything else, but I can see a ring (or a pendant), and hold it up to the light. Or maybe a royal blue silk scarf with a ruby brooch to pin it?

  6. Anne Clark says:

    1.Red is my fave color.Red always seem vibrant energetic and alive. 2.I love emeralds they seem more real to me exotic and hard to get. For some reason they remind me of pirates . 3. A gift of the two? Well there is this red convertible I would love to drive while wearing a gorgeous emerald cut emerald necklace. Well you did say elf right?

  7. M.A. Kastle says:

    Black, it can be matte or glossy, and has never ending depth.
    Rubies. It’s my birth stone. Since its red, its hot, and matches well with black.
    A gift from a hot elf. It would be an anklet, black chain with tear drop shaped rubies in it.

  8. Kay says:

    Blue for the richness in the sky,the blue of the oceans water
    Emeralds=May birthstone,Rubies=red the life blood, Diamonds=purity
    what would elfs give but joy happiness to life

  9. Maggie Tubilleja says:

    1. Red. Because it is passionate and packed with energy, impossible to overlook. Everything that I am…NOT.

    2. Rubies, because they are red.

    3. It would be a necklace, so I could justify wearing a dress or blouse with a fabulous neckline. Of course the bra I would have to wear to get a decent cleavage would be a torture device, so this necklace better have a huge ruby as it’s centerpiece!

  10. Chris Stack says:

    1. Green- It’s lush, vibrant and earthy.
    2. although green is my favorite color I would have to definately say Diamonds- they are icy bright and full of fire and light.
    3. a bracelet to wrap my wrist in their beauty of both.

  11. Joanne Emery says:

    Favorite color has to be purple, the deep regal color of royalty.
    Favorite stone is diamonds, a girl’s best friend, of course. Although I also like the deep purple found in Korean Amethyst.
    And the elf would bring a beautiful necklace of diamonds and amethyst.

  12. Limecello says:

    Oooo favorite color? Gah. Blue – the family of blues. Am I allowed to say that? I like it because it’s soothing, so versatile, and pretty. Also because I like the spectrum surrounding it too from green to purple. Also I like the various shades of blue – light, dark, bright blue…
    2. Oof. Emeralds. After all, a “Lime” should pick something green, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also because they’re in different colors, but also because I did a report on them in 4th grade and read how the conquistadors smashed a bunch to check if they were diamonds… *facepalm*
    3. An elf would bring me a double rainbow of all the colors I love in a spectrum. Double cuz I could keep one, and the other I’d sell to pay off the $#^& LS loans. >.<

  13. 1.Favorite Color– sage green.
    2.Hmm…I’d have to say diamonds.
    3. Wow, a hot elf wants to give me something that combines these two things. I’m going to say a sage green bustier with diamond accents, which I would look lovely in, and he would want to ravish me when seeing me wear it:)

    I’m in the US.
    wayfaringwriter at

  14. Rosie Nguy says:

    1. I’d have to say red. It’s so vibrant and represents good luck in Chinese culture. Plus it looks good on me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Diamonds because they are made of carbon like us!

    3. Hot elf would bring me a whole band of red cloth with diamonds sewn in so I could cut them out and sell them off when I’m in need of funds.

  15. Timothea says:

    1. Green with red as a second – they’re just so bright (DH says I’m a parrot, blue is my next favourite).

    2. Emeralds – my birth stone, they’re green but I also think natural emeralds have a fire diamonds can never equal. Natural rubies are next, again a wonderful fire, as do Ceylon sapphires..

    3. A bracelet or necklace with the stones alternating – beautiful and match for most of my wardrobe!

  16. Angie T says:

    What an interesting question! Purple is my favorite color. Maybe because it is the color of royalty or maybe because I used to have a big crush on Prince!
    I must say I am partial to diamonds. Most likely because I am easily distracted by shiny objects. But they are my older son’s birth stone.
    The perfect gift from a hot elf would have to be an amethyist and and diamond necklace and earring set.

  17. Angie T says:

    Arrrrgh..I can’t spell today! Amethyst. I meant amethyst……

  18. Danielle Gorman says:

    My favorite color is blue. Any shade of it. Just love it.
    If I had to pick between diamonds, rubies or emeralds I would pick diamonds. I feel that they are most versatile. And they are timeless.
    The perfect gift from a hot elf would be a blue sapphire and white diamond pendant necklace.

  19. infinitieh says:

    Although I’ve always like blue, I think I may go for fuchsia now. Blue-ish reds look great on me.

    Emerald – this is my birthstone and good quality emeralds are hard to come by and very expensive. Diamonds are artificially expensive. Good rubies are nice though.

    A fuchsia silk jacket with emeralds sewn on as accents and as buttons, with a emerald pin (either as an enclosure or as a lapel pin, or both!).

  20. JoAnna B says:

    1: What is your favorite color and WHY? Blue, I don’t know why it has always been my favorite color since I was a kid.

    2. Diamonds, emeralds or rubies. WHY? Emeralds – birthstone
    3. A hot elf wants to give you a gift of 1 and 2 combined. What is it?
    Emerald and sapphire earrings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. reid says:

    1. teal….love the combination of green and blue…reminds me of water.
    2. emeralds because i like the color
    3. The hot elf gave me a gift of teal colored pillow case so that i would dream of soothing teal waters at night. He also gave me a piece of sea glass that looked like and emerald and reminded me of my dreams.

  22. Lindsey Ekland says:

    I love the color purple which is rich and deep and reminds me of royalty.
    I actually like emeralds best both as my birthstone and just love the dark green fire.
    A deep purple bowl filled with emeralds so I can sift them through my fingers over and over. Very soothing.

  23. Melissa Keller says:

    1. Favorite color would be Aquamarine Blue.
    2. Favorite gem would of course be the Diamonds, they are a girl’s best friend!
    3. Now for the Hot Elf…I’d have to say combining these two things that I would hope to get a soothing garden waterfall. The water would be aquamarine blue and splash on small pond filled with diamonds. Wow, that just sounds gorgeous! Toss in a couple small brightly colored koi and that is a relaxing and beautiful gift in my opinion!

  24. Erin Golsen says:

    1. Purple–for as long as I can remember
    2. Emeralds to bring out the green in my eyes
    3. Hot Elf could bring me a beautiful deep purple inlaid wooden box containing a matching set of emerald earrings, necklace & bracelet.

  25. Ruthie B says:

    Blue…matches my eyes
    Diamonds…are a girls best friend
    I’ll take anything in jewelry with blue diamonds!

    And I’ll take anything chocolate too!

  26. Tura Lura says:

    1. Red – it’s bright and attention-grabbing. Also, it looks good on me. ^_^

    2. Emeralds – my favorite necklace is a sterling silver Celtic cross necklace with an emerald in the center. Real deep green emeralds are expensive, but gorgeous!

    3. Since it’s a gift from a hot elf, I’m obviously dreaming. So let’s go big. ^_^ It’s some racy red negligee with emerald accents in intriguing places. It makes me look all skinny and hot, too. ^_^

  27. Blue just because… well, it’s blue. It used to be green.

    Rubies, not that I own any of the above.

    The hot elf offers me the gift of love and immortality and takes me to a magical cave where I drink from a blue cup studded with rubies. But I awake on a cold hillside where no birds sing etc. and from the number of wind turbines and the strangely evolved humanoid figures who stand surrounding me and staring at me with their one eye, I realize that it is now five hundred years in the future.

  28. […] New Contest with a Chocolate Prize! ยซ Writer's Diary A sapphire one, too, for the blue (maybe set in platinum). I wear earrings more than anything else, but I can see a ring (or a pendant), and hold it up to the light. Or maybe a royal blue silk scarf with a ruby brooch to pin it? Blue – the family of blues. Am I allowed to say that? I like it because it's soothing, so versatile, and pretty. Also because I like the spectrum surrounding it too from green to purple Also I like the various shades of blue – light, dark, […]

  29. Margay says:

    1: What is your favorite color and WHY?
    Red – it’s the first color I ever saw that I liked (at 6 months’ old!) and also, it is the color of passion. What’s not to love about it?

    2. Diamonds, emeralds or rubies. WHY?
    I’m not really a gem person, but if I had to pick, I guess I’d say rubies and if you refer to my first answer, I think you’ll understand why!

    3. A hot elf wants to give you a gift of 1 and 2 combined. What is it?
    Hm, probably a necklace.

  30. Virginia C says:

    1) Purple–rich, royal, and regal. Passionate.

    2) Diamonds–they are a girl’s best friend. They go with everything…or nothing at all ; )

    3) A gorgeous, bling-worthy pair of diamond and amethyst earrings…and the ring, bracelet, and necklace to match. How hot the elf is determines the necessary amount of bling ; )

  31. zh says:

    (here via Risky Regencies)

    1. My favorite color is chocolate brown, followed closely by turquoise. I love the combination of brown, turquoise, and off-white. It’s so modern!
    2. I have ethical concerns with mined gemstones … but I might like a nice lab-grown diamond. I lost my wedding ring awhile ago and this gives me ideas for a new one ๐Ÿ™‚
    3. I like this idea of a hot elf! I think maybe if he gave me a chocolate truffle covered with gold flake, and inside it I would find a diamond. (He would warn me, of course, so I didn’t break a tooth. :D)

  32. Chelsea B. says:

    1: What is your favorite color and WHY?– Blue. I don’t know why, it just always has been ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Diamonds, emeralds or rubies. WHY?– Emeralds. I think the green stones are stunning.

    3. A hot elf wants to give you a gift of 1 and 2 combined. What is it?– A wallet with with a never edning cash flow credit card? Haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Linda Leonard says:

    1. My favorite color is Turquoise because it brings to mind visions of the ocean.

    2. I would prefer emeralds – regal with thoughts of Scotland which makes me think of Castles, Knights, Camelot, love, romance

    3. I suppose the elf would bring me a beautiful ring with
    eemeralds and gems that glisten with the colors of the ocean.

  34. darchole says:

    1. You could say I don’t really have a favorite ‘color’ since I like black. Some would say it matches personality, but really I just like it. Could have been into goth, but really that takes too much effort. I also like purple, but I’m picky about that (kinda hard to be picky about black), it has to be more on the blue side of the spectrum than ride.
    2. None of the above? I’m more into metals, like silver, platinum. I’ll take diamonds if offered, but not in a traditional setting. My engagement ring is channel set and not a solitaire. I have seen some black and white diamond pieces that look nice, but I think it’s more because they don’t look traditional, then the color or material.

  35. Karen J Massey says:

    1. Green is my favorite color, and it was my mom’s favorite.
    2. My husband gifted me with small diamond earrings when our daughter was born. So diamonds are my choice. The emerald is my daughter’s favorite.
    3. A bracelet with emeralds and diamonds would be a perfect gift.

  36. 1: GREEN, green like grass in the middle of summer. Green like the color of the green balloons in the park when I was a child and my grandmother would buy me a green balloon and we would sit together and feed peanuts to the squirrels from a park bench and discuss why green balloons were the best balloons.

    2. Emeralds. The deep green of an emerald is like a meadow. An emerald is a world of its own, a deep place of nature and comfort and pleasure.

    Emeralds. I am drawn to emeralds the way I am drawn to kittens. A beautifully cut and polished emerald combines the mark of human endeavor with the naturalness of the earth.

    A hot elf wants to give you a gift of 1 and 2 combined. What is it?

    My great-grandmother had a spectacular emerald ring (which I did not inherit) that was always known as “the spinach ring.” Some day I would like to be a great-grandmother known for her spinach ring. A spinach ring, please.

  37. 1. BLUE: Always has been my favorite color. I’d like to say that there was a deep meaning (deep as the blue, blue sea?) but alas, I believe I came into this world with an affinity to blue. Perhaps if I knew more about my past lives I could figure out why blue.

    2. RUBY: There is a deep meaning here. My husband gave me a Burmese ruby for an engagement ring. He said it was as rare and as special as he thought I was. Boy, did I have him fooled. Actually, he’s pretty smart. AND a keeper.

    3. Oh those hot elves. They’re always up to something, aren’t they? Well, I suppose I’d want a pair of rocking blue sneakers studded with rubies. Like fairies, I’m attracted to sparkly things.

  38. Paulita says:

    Cobalt blue. I haven’t really had a favorite color since I was a kid, but my own children were always asking me my favorites. Just recently I committed to cobalt blue because I love the richness, like it could hide whole world inside it.
    Emeralds. The first piece of jewelry my husband gave me was a pair of emerald earrings. I’m wearing them now. The sparkly green goes perfect with my dark hair, fair skin and green eyes.
    I suppose the hot elves could make a long-necked bottle of cobalt blue with an emerald-topped stopper and when I pulled out the stopper, white smoke would pour from the top and turn into a genie to grant my fondest wishes.

  39. Cari Quinn says:

    My favorite color is deep red because it’s a rich, sexy, majestic color.

    Rubies because they’re red and my favorite stone. They’re also really expensive. My dream ring is a black pearl surrounded by rubies.

    I think this hot elf would give me a gray Mercedes with deep red, ruby encrusted seats. That would be pretty cool.

  40. librarypat says:

    1. I love a nice deep Burgundy. It has a richness to it and isn’t bright like reds tend to be.

    2. It would have to be Rubies. They would go so well with Burgundy. My birthstone is the garnet and Rubies come closet in color to it.

    3. The gift would be a lovely burgundy ball gown with matching cape and a complete set of ruby jewelry to go with it.