The Writing Mafia is Real

It’s been all over the intertubes, that that are these writing mafias that exist of mean girls who intend to crush the writing careers of competitors. They do stuff like tell their editors not to buy a book from writer X and refuse to do blurbs for writer Y. Well, contrary to all the fine people who say that’s nonsense (I’m looking at you Scalzi!) I’m here to tell you right now that there IS such as thing as a writing mafia.

Stepping Forward

Here’s a picture of the leader of one of these writer mafias:
Yes. You read it here first. I am a mafia Donna. I admit it. My mafiosa is called La Cosa Chocolate but sometimes we’re called The Chocolate Mafia. I did mean to say we. Because there are members besides me, too. They joined on Twitter last night, though I had to sic my enforcers, @emmapetersen and my Indonesian Malaysian muscle @arzai on one of them. We’re a ruthless band and @younglibrarian caved like a little girl.

What does La Cosa Chocolate do?

We create chocolate mayhem wherever possible. Some of us write. Some of us read. Some of us read AND write. You wanna be a chocolate goomba, you gotta PROVE your chocolate love. Right now, we’re planning on wreaking havoc at RWA, except for @younglibrarian, who isn’t going, but who has promised to misstamp some library cards. So watch out.

How to Join Us

If you’re on twitter, tweet a picture that proves your chocolate love. Use the hash tag #LaCosaChocolate. I’ll let you know if it’s enough to get you Made. If you’re not on twitter, you have to leave a comment.

We take bribes, steal shoes and conference badges. We’re tough. Join us. We have chocolate.



5 Responses to “The Writing Mafia is Real”

  1. @younglibrarian, who isn’t going, but who has promised to misstamp some library cards. So watch out.

    Vive La Cosa Chocolate!

  2. KB/KT Grant says:

    I just set up the La Brownie Mafia group. I have teddy bears as my captain and thugs. Better keep looking over your shoulder…

    • Katiebabs, there’s enough chocolate in the world that we don’t need to fight. Come be a Goombah with us. You can be our NY branch. Besides, if you’re ever out here in California, I can hook you up with the best hot chocolate ever in the universe.

    • Also, PS, keep an eye on your library card. Just saying.

  3. KB/KT Grant says:

    Ohhhh… I cn be in charge of the branch? Okay, I’m down with that. 😉