All I Need is a Hot Asian Man, Is that Too Much to Ask?

I need a cover for the digital version of Future Tense.

The hero of that story is a demon who looks to be of Asian/Tibetan descent. It’s a Romance and he’s a demon so of course he is insanely hot.

I have spent the last MONTH looking for stock art of a hot Asian guy that won’t cost me 800 Euros. I would like the model to have long black hair, but at this point, I’m thinking bald would work. I’m getting desperate. In my dreams (heh) he would be with a blond woman. That’s just the reality of my story, OK?

I can find all manner of good looking Asian men doing the follow things:

1. Looking like a geek/nerd
2. Doing Martial Arts
3. Looking like a skinny geek/nerd
4. Talking on a phone.

That’s pretty much it. It’s like no where in the whole world is a stock photo of a hot muscly Asian guy in casual clothes where the subtext is “I am hotter than heck and you want to have sex with me.”

I do NOT want a white guy in the image. Even the headless white quys don’t have skin that passes for Asian-looking demon.


Seriously, What The F???

I don’t want to whitewash my cover.

Do you have any ideas? (No, I CANNOT steal an image.)


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20 Responses to “All I Need is a Hot Asian Man, Is that Too Much to Ask?”

  1. Jeannie Lin says:

    The talking on a cell phone made me laugh, cause yes, that doesn’t work for me either. I so feel your pain!

    I think no matter what, you may need to do some creative photoshopping. Here are a few I found during my extensive searches:

    Guy in suit probably won’t work, but he is kind of intense isn’t he? 🙂

  2. Jeannie Lin says:

    This one’s very fiercely posed, but maybe you can do something with it. At least it doesn’t look obviously kung fu!

  3. First, thanks for all the links and suggestions.

    Some of these I saw before I was desperate and didn’t think they would work, mostly because of the short hair, but now I am desperate and I’m OK with short hair, so I think I can use some of these.

    One note: Carolyn + photoshop = impossible|disaster.

  4. Livie D. says:

    The three links are photos of one person: huang xiao ming. He’s an actor. I’m not sure how you would go about getting the rights to use his photos, but… some of those demonish and hot qualities are definitely there.

  5. Is there a local college near you or craigslist? You can probably find a student or someone with basic photoshop skills to do the photo-shopping for you. I know at the CC I teach at the visual art dept regularly get requests for students looking to add to their portfolios and pass them on. Our local craigslist is also hopping with photographers, would-be models, and photoshop people looking to make a few $.

  6. Anna says:

    It’s like trying to find a hot red-headed guy in real life! Where are they?

    Anyway,I used to have a big crush on an asian-american actor named Russell Wong. He has a sexy scene in the Joy Luck Club. Too bad the character was such a jerk. He also has a good looking brother named Michael Wong. If you Google images with the word actor next to his name the pics will come up. Good luck!

    • I LOVE Russel Wong. He was one of the villains in Romeo Must Die and got defeated by Jet Li. He had a TV series for a while, too, and he’s been in a lot of Martial Art’s movies. I wish he’d been in more. He’s a very handsome man.

  7. Timothea says:

    Asian girls surely want some hot Asian guys to ogle, so they must exist somewhere, right? So have you tried looking on websites with Asian languages rather than English? Just a thought you may have already had but I’m thinking that maybe those stock photos exist but not for the English world because it’s not a high priority for white people, generally.

  8. Patti O'Shea says:

    I have no helpful links, but I just want to say I feel your pain. I had a hero that was of Filipino, African-Caribbean, and European ancestry. Also he was an insanely hot Special Forces soldier with muscles. Yeah. So only the heroine is on the cover of that story.

  9. Limecello says:

    Hm… I could name a bunch of actors, but bet that’s kinda outside your budget 😛
    I’m actually not joking here – how’s your photography? See any hot Asian guys? Approach him and ask?
    Erm… and how else is this demon supposed to look? I actually might be able to come up with something?

  10. Anna says:

    I watched his tv series. I think it was called Vanishing Son/Sun(?). It ended with no conclusion so it must have been cancelled. :o(

  11. Heather says:

    That line could have been said by my best friend- how hard is it to find a hot Asian man? She’s a 6 foot blond hottie who happens to like tall dark and Asian. Not so easy to find. Happy hunting and I hope you find what you’re looking for!

  12. FiaQ says:

    Are you still looking for stock photos of a near-naked long-haired Asian guy? There are some at Dreamstime with reasonable prices. The one I found – he doesn’t at all look like Tibetan or is he that huge in American style, though, but better than nothing, I suppose?

    I found at that site also an Asian guy with American-style muscles, but he has dreadlocks (popular with Asian singers and kick boxers for some reason). There is another with a decent face, but wrong hair style and body build?

    You could photoshop the microphone out of this or have an extreme close up that his hair length could be hidden?

    I checked Japanese and Hong Kong stock photography sites and they don’t have anything that fits your criteria. There are some good ones in two Japanese fashion stock photography sites, but prices are eye-wateringly painful. If I did my maths right, it’s roughly £300 for 72dpi and much more for 300dpi.

    Sorry that my searches weren’t any better.

    • Thanks for the links. I did come across most of those during my search. I saw the dreadlocks guy, which was close but not quite there for how i’m seeing my hero.

      And, sadly, as I’ve mentioned before Carolyn + photoshop = never going to happen. As Patti O’Shea once said to me (more or less) “If I can do it [in photoshop] it’s not good enough for a cover.” Also, I don ‘t even own photoshop. And the artists I’ve had look at my possible images have pretty much uniformly felt there wasn’t much they could do with them and get a quality product.

      And yes, the one or two photos I saw that were perfect or almost perfect were 800 euros! Ack!!!! And I’d need the 300 dpi version.

      It’s not like there aren’t hot Asian-y/ish men out there who are exactly what I’m looking for. Upen Patel anyone? But they’re either already famous as models or actors (because they’re hot…) that there aren’t photos I can use!