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Titles Triumph

The book formerly known as The Next Historical is now officially titled Not Wicked Enough. I proposed that title myself, even though all along the working title was Infamous. The historical to follow, now officially The Next Historical, will be titled Not Proper Enough so it was only TNH for like a nanosecond. I also thought of that title. I am on a roll! Also, I have seen some proposed cover art and it’s luscious. Oh, my.

Digital Stuff

Although you are totally free to download the pdf of Future Tense, it’s also now officially available for eReaders such as Kindle and Nook. I am at the mercy of Smashwords for other vendors, but if you’d rather not wait for the story to show up at those vendors you can get the desired format from Smashwords. The link above will take you where you need to go. So far, there’s no way for an author to self-pub a title and set the price to 0. I did set it at the minimum (0.99) But you get cover art with that.


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