Review of My Dangerous Pleasure

Jeanna, the winner of one of the ARCs of My Dangerous Pleasure, has written this review, as I said I would do for anyone who didn’t have an official place to post.

What an unbelievably excellent book!! Carolyn Jewel has outdone herself once again with her newest book “My Dangerous Pleasure”. The fourth installment in this series has an incredible mix of magic, sensuality and the power to suck you right into their world. I love ‘watching’ the almost Too Hot To Handle, fiends, witches and mages come alive through her imagination!
In the fight of good vs evil, this time around she manages to twine together a story of two souls who really connect with each other on a level that most people never reach and it let’s them pull together and kick some ass to save the ones they thought lost to their kind forever. It’s a thoroughly slow and enjoyable ride…. with a whole lot of lust, action and passion thrown together that should make it #1 on your list of what to read next. 🙂


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