An Advance Reader Review Of My Dangerous Pleasure

From one of my ARC Readers:

I have wanted Iskander’s story since I first met him and really enjoyed the way you have developed his character prior to this story and how that has been extended here. There were quite a few surprises in Iskander’s character that I really enjoyed – his chivalry towards Paisley, for example, especially in contrast to many other males in the story. I found Paisley interesting and credible, with a real normal life that gradually morphs into one that has space for the likes of fiends and mages. I liked the connection that was built between the main and secondary characters and am waiting eagerly for the next installment to see how the world changes again!

I am also really enjoying watching the development of other secondary characters but especially Kynan & Rasmus in the backgrounds of all these books and wondering what sort of redemption or damnation you have planned for them.



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