You Know What This Blog Needs?

Another poll, that’s what. Here’s a BUNCH!



Which would you rather eat: Cookies or Potato Chips?

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Tesla Roadster

Which car would you rather drive?

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Paris, France

Istanbul, Turkey

Where would you rather travel?

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Strapless Pantsuit

Three Musketeers Pants


Which Outfit Should Zoe Archer Wear for the RITAs at RWA?

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12 Responses to “You Know What This Blog Needs?”

  1. Lisa Hendrix says:

    And the Musketeer boots, too, of course. She needs the boots!

  2. Santa Byrnes says:

    Um…anthing else? Just wondering….

  3. Emmie Hattoo says:

    I think it should def be the pantsuit! Hotness for the awards!

  4. This was the best poll ever!

  5. Megan says:

    Ack! Those are ALL HIDEOUS. Poor Zoe!

  6. I loved this poll! It had everything! Except I really had trouble choosing between cookies and chips, as both are delicious.

  7. Doesn’t she already have the boots though?

  8. Sonomalass says:

    I have the perfect shirt for Zoe to wear with those pants!

    I cannot choose between cookies and chips. It so completely depends on the time of the month.

  9. […] Zoe is a finalist this year. check out the original poll. […]

  10. jo bourne says:

    The romper AND the boots.