Team Theory – How you Can Help

I have this theory, call it Team Theory. I think you’ll see where I’m going with this one as you take these four polls:

Team Edward or Team Jacob

Edward vs. Jacob

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Team Bill or Team Eric

Bill vs. Eric

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Team Angel or Team Spike

Angel vs. Spike

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Team Morelli or Team Ranger

Morelli vs. Ranger

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Thank you for taking these polls and advancing the science of Team Theory. Questions etc in the comments.



4 Responses to “Team Theory – How you Can Help”

  1. Missy C says:

    What’s funny is that it appears women prefer the “bad boy” in 3-out-of-4 of the polls. (I can’t really consider Jacob a “bad boy”).

  2. Maire says:

    Yeah. Jabob kinda surprised me though ultimately for Bella, he is definitely the better choice. We definitely seem to be about the lone wolves (ha ha) And men who do immoral things to get bad results for Instance in Vamp diaries I would totally be Team Damon.

  3. Kathy Jund says:

    Thank you Carolyn!!! kj 🙂

  4. Timothea says:

    I’m glad someone know what’s happening! I guess that tells you how out of touch I am, I chose seriously based on the names!