The RWA Experience . . .

OK, so here I am at RWA in New York. The energy is amazing. I’m seeing more male attendees than ever which is fantastic. The earlier date and the fact that the conference started a day before the usual day of the week keeps confusing me about where I am in the RWA conference timeline.

Rumors are flying, many having to do directly or indirectly with digital publishing. Like the one about two gentlemen panelist being overtly rude to each other. The details about the Penguin digital initiative are interesting – check out Dear Author for that. I talked to my Berkley editor about it today and it sounds very interesting; shorter length, open to new and different and can definitely support existing Berkley authors.

Readers are really excited about getting their hands on some of the old Loveswept backlist that Random House is bringing out with their digital line.

I attended Courtney Milan’s ad hoc workshop on self-publishing. It was really, really interesting and informative. Some people are stressing about the wrong things, though, and aren’t stressing about things I think are important. (Quick to publish vs. Quality to Publish).

Speaking of Courtney Milan, YAY on her novella Unlocked hitting the NYT!!! That’s a result that should resolve the Quick vs. Quality firmly in favor of Quality, which is what self-publishers should be stressing about.

Had very informative and productive meetings with my editors and I am very happy about that!

Now, I’m off to another meeting . . .


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2 Responses to “The RWA Experience . . .”

  1. Jane George says:

    Quality is tantamount, but those self-pubbers who can put out quality work at a faster pace have an edge. It’s close to impossible to get much traction with one title. But if that first title lacks polish, readers won’t trust anything else by that author.

    Not so different from the traditional publishing route.

  2. Oh, yes, I agree!