A Little Help! Your Opinion Needed

This is for a Historical Romance series title — NOT a book title! Vote and/or suggest in the comments.

The series link is a medallion said to have magical properties. But this it’s only rumored magic. Not actual magic. The series is in no way paranormal. Thanks for your opinion and suggestions!

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10 Responses to “A Little Help! Your Opinion Needed”

  1. Steph Brown says:

    A Scoundrels Reformed romance

  2. Anna says:

    The series could be named after the medallion – the Medallion series or some such. The word scoundrel is used a lot in romances but I hear publishers really like to use the word.

    If the word scoundrel is used, I like Reforming the Scoundrel best. Steph’s idea is good, too.

  3. Tracey Galbraith says:

    I like “scoundrel” , “rake” and “rogue”. But they are used a lot! I kinda like “blackguard”, a little darker and a bit dangerous,,,how about “Redeeming” him! Say…”Redeeming Reprobates Romance”. Too many R’s? I like the sound of an “R” like the feeling of a growling noise on my neck! A reprobate would be good at that! :^D A Redeemed one would do it…but with “honorable intentions”! Oh, I’m rambling now…I love romance! ; )

  4. Jane George says:

    Reformers are a scary lot. And everyone is right in that ‘scoundrel’ is way overused. Lucky in Love hints at the medallion, it gets my vote.

  5. A Scoundrels in Love Romance

  6. Edie says:

    ‘Something’ of the Medallion??

    What is the medallion called? you could maybe use it with the keywords ie. “Rogues of..”

    The options up there kind of sound like Suzanne Enoch series.

  7. Laura T says:

    There are too many SCOUNDRELS, rogues and rakes out there right now–who can keep them all straight! Choose something memorable and unique.

    I would include the medallion in the title, such as:
    > Secret of the Medallion
    > Magic of the Medallion
    > Mystique of the Medallion
    > Curse of the Medallion

  8. MaryK says:

    or even The (family name, etc) Talisman series.

    The titles in the poll sound pretty generic, TBO.

  9. Suzanne says:

    I agree with the others, my first thought was “ugh…not another scoundrel series”. I like the idea of the medallion and agree it should be in the name somewhere. Laura T’s got the right idea!

  10. Morgan Walters says:

    How many books are going to be in the series?
    Maybe a play on words like:
    Hearts of Eight (you’ll never find me pieces of eight!!)
    Cupids Coin