Movie Review: Change Up (RANT ALERT!)

I saw the movie Change Up with Ryan Reynolds (who it turns out is way cuter than I expected) and Jason Bateman.

Wow. I don’t think I’ve seen such a hateful, misogynistic movie in quite some time. The writers are Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and they should be ashamed of themselves. They should also be taken to task for perpetuating just about every hateful, insidious and damaging stereotype about women. Like these:

1. Once a man gets married, his life is hell and there is no chance of him ever having fun ever again.
2. Women exist only as the object of a man’s sexual desires.
3. Big corporate mergers are JUST LIKE convincing a Catholic girl to spread her legs for you.
4. Girls who say no will get around to yes if you don’t give up!
5. It’s just hilarious to joke about buying a “rape kit” at your local home and hardware store.
6. The woman you don’t want to bone is ugly or pregnant
7. It’s funny if you talk to the women in your office in sexual terms and describe their bodies to them in terms of the parts you like best and HEY! She won’t go to HR and have a talk with them about being harassed, insulted or made uncomfortable. Not at all!
8. Lots of naked women. No naked men.

I’m not going to waste another minute of my time on this other than to say I just felt so sad and angry that these messages about women are STILL being perpetuated. This COULD have been a really funny movie if the writers had actually sat down and spent a few minutes thinking about a world in which 51% of the population doesn’t actually think it’s funny to joke about having sex with women against their will or presented a world where women are, GASP! real people and not a construct of your imagination.



3 Responses to “Movie Review: Change Up (RANT ALERT!)”

  1. Tamara says:

    I haven’t seen the movie and don’t intend to, but it doesn’t sound much different from the other raunchy comedies out there nowadays. I’ve seen bucket loads of modern movies and TV shows that are offensive to BOTH sexes. It’s common knowledge that only tall, sexy women can be cops/doctors/researchers, and that short, non-white men are always comedic relief. The worst books/movies/shows for equality are actually aimed at women, like the ones where the adorable heroine is incapable of thinking about anything but shoes, or best friends rip each others’ throats out over men and wedding venues for laughs. But on the other hand, heroes in comedies aimed at the other 49% of the population aren’t allowed to be serious, smart or mature without being a drag, a gag, or a straight man. Television does a fabulous job of teaching us that the man you don’t want to bone wears glasses and has bad hair; that once a woman gets married her husband will sleep around and make her miserable; and if a man doesn’t want to commit to you, he’ll submit eventually if you and your family badger him enough (thank you, 7th Heaven).

  2. Brandon says:

    I’ve seen it twice. My wife has seen it too. We loved the movie. It’s all about your sense of humor I guess.