My Dangerous Pleasure – Two Lovely Reviews!

From Fresh Fiction: A Cunningly Crafted Urban Fantasy Series With Plenty of Plot Twists

I enjoyed Jewel’s ability to create complex and unusual characters. Even the bad guy has a few redeeming qualities, and you are never quite sure even those who fight on the ‘positive’ side are purely good. MY DANGEROUS PLEASURE is Book Four in Carolyn Jewel’s My Immortals series and a solid continuation from the previous entries. Further developments in plot lines started in earlier books reward faithful readers without confusing the issue for first timers. The plot in book four is cleverly constructed, with a surprise ending. The romance that forms between Iskander and Paisley is handled well, with the intense love scenes not rushed but in perfect pace with the rest of the book.

Diana Troldahl Fresh Fiction

Nightowl Reviews – Top Pick 4.75 Stars

This is the fourth installment in Ms. Jewel’s My Immortal series. This is a story about two people who have been hurt by love before. Ms. Jewel brings these amazing characters to life. She is able to blend the two different worlds together with ease. There is enough action and romance to balance the story out. The characters are interesting, even the villains. Ms. Jewel’s My Immortal series should be on everyone’s reading list. She is an auto buy for me.

Robin, Nightowl Reviews


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