Announcing: The Arjun Rampal Fan Club for Romance Authors and Readers

It seems there is a LOT of love out there for My Other One True Love (who might actually be my One True Love) Arjun Rampal. I am not the first Romance Author to use him as the mental model for a hero, and I do not think I will be the last. If you would like to become a member, please leave a comment while the project is in the works.

We will do awesome things like:

  • Have a secret handshake
  • Share info about AR
  • Watch his movies
  • Post information about which books have been inspired (writing AND reading) by Arjun Rampal
  • Devise clever flavors of ice cream, possibly with toppings, and given them Rampal inspired names. Like, A bowl of ice-cream with 4 flavors plus nuts (or sprinkles for the nut averse) will be The Rock On Rampal.
  • Have name tags or something
  • Have a twitter hash tag. I suggest #RampalRomance
  • Other awesome stuff we think of

Where? Well, right now, this blog will be the Fan Club Headquarters.

I’ll probably build out a page on my website, or perhaps set up a separate section on the blog. When I’m not on deadline, which I am right now, plus I just got revisions. In the meantime, sign up! Leave suggestions etc! Share your love and admiration and, if you’re an author, which titles are inspired by him.
One True Love?



43 Responses to “Announcing: The Arjun Rampal Fan Club for Romance Authors and Readers”

  1. Ana Farrish says:

    Ooh, I love it! I assume there’s no non-compete clause, i.e., we can be Richard Armitage fans and part of #RampalRomance? 😉 Count me in!

    • You are free to have other Other One True Loves, including Richard Armitage. Though once you’ve seen Rampal, it’s hard to see how anyone else can measure up. And yet, Alexander Skarsgard is still my One True Love, so there you go.

  2. Marguerite says:

    he is way too good looking!

  3. This is such fun, Carolyn. I’m in! A few pics of him I found online helped me with the appearance of the hero in my book coming out on August 30, IN THE ARMS OF A MARQUESS. The hero, Lord Ben Doree’, is Anglo-Indian. I was working on developing him, and just for fun googled “handsome Bollywood man”, and voila! Gorgeous young Arjun. Here’s a secret: there’s a moment–a single gesture–in one of the love scenes in my book inspired by a gesture made by the heroine in one of his films. 🙂

  4. Arwa says:

    I’m so in. This is way too fun. I have a confession Carolyn; Arjun is in fact my ONLY One True Love. Haa! 😛

  5. Oh, Arjun’s been one of my favorites for YEARS. I could watch Rock On repeatedly just for his epic manpain. And his hair.

  6. It’s a pretty daze-inducing movie! And then there’s We Are Family, which is all about Arjun Rampal being a quasi-polygamist in a much more believable fashion than, say, Ed Harris.

  7. Arwa says:

    Since I’m having an insomnia I’m thinking it is a good idea to come and post here. Ha!

  8. Arwa says:

    I agree Suleikha. Arjun did indeed create an “Epic manpain” with the character of Joe in Rock On. lol And yes the hair was monumental! He is the only man that can pull it off and still looks darn sexy.

  9. Arwa says:

    My introduction to AR happen by accident when a friend who is a big Rahul Khanna fan suggest me to watch his movie Elaan. Little did I know I was going to see the most gorgeous man ever in Arjun Rampal. As soon as his character appeared I literally screamed…”wow who is this guy?!!” I’ve never seen a man that look like him. Sorry John Abraham–who was part of the cast. AR is simply too good looking.

  10. Arwa says:

    Btw, Elaan was a crime thriller where five (unlikely) heroes come together to bring down an international extortionist. And AR –who’s character was also named Arjun, played an ex-cop/widowed father. He gave a great performance but the movie was not my cup of tea. But i did re-watch it only to stare at him. Woo!

  11. I’ve never seen a man that look like him. Sorry John Abraham.

    John Abraham and his abs would like to register a counter-argument:

    You’re welcome!

  12. No question about it, John Abraham is a hottie!

    I’ll have to check whether Elaan is one of the movies headed my way.

  13. Wow! I’ve never heard of Arjun. He’s very sexy. Note to self: Must locate more pictures, STAT!

  14. tammy ramey says:

    he is a hottie, can i have him for my one true love but have Sam Elliot’s voice? LOL! Gotta love that rogh velvet over whiskey sound!

  15. CateS says:

    How about AR flash cards… many photos of him as possible? Pretty please??

  16. Arwa says:

    @Suleikha–Don’t get me wrong,lol. I think John one hellava Hottie no question about it but AR is simply in a league of his own. The man is Puurfection (The eyes, the smile…that Greek God face….the height, the body….that Soulfulness…Oulala….AR is Incomparable. WOO! Check him out: *Drools*

  17. Arwa says:

    Okay, I got one more from Delhi Fashion Week! Picture taken yesterday. Sexiness—>

  18. Margay says:

    He is pretty gorgeous!

  19. riya says:

    oh god id die in his arms.

    • Riya: Dying in his arms, to draw from a rather old definition of the word “dying”, would be fairly awesome. Alas, I would probably babble incoherently and then pass out after “hello.”

  20. riya says:

    this guy is like no other. the man i just feel like loving for the rest of my life.

  21. SlipKnot says:


    Looks like you’re all livin’ the dream alright.

    Stumbled upon this site, Straight male in my sexual prime at 31. Every day (literally) for the past 4 years or so ever since my X back then had been watching this clip –
    – well I reckon I was hit by something inexplicable!! An eternal spell would be an understatement!! I am still struggling to make sense of it. He is the most aesthetically pleasing thing I’ve come across in my date. Aesthetics herself would be jealous of him. I’ve traveled and lived in quite a few places NO ONE could come within a whisker. None yet anyway…let’s leave it to possibility shall we?

    A confession if I may (not easy coming from a straight male believe you me) – every single day (literally) up till this point I need to get my daily dose of AR. He defies ethnicity, he defies religion, he defies boundaries, he simply redefines. I’ve prolly seen hundreds if not thousands of his photos online – not unkind to the eye in ANY one of ’em!!! Every angle is quite simply shall I put it ..hmmm … I guess even mannequins would be awe struck. AR is THE progressive being. He is not the MOST progressive. He is at point “progressive” if you catch my drift.

    Then your mind starts playing tricks on ya – naaaaahhh he can’t be all that … it must be lighting, it must be cherry picked photos … must be this and that only to be proven daft every single time. Then you youtube “good looking men” … a plethora of men from all regions of the world … your South Americans, North Americans, Mediteraneans, your Middle Easterners, your Nordics, your West Africans, your East Africans, your North Africans, East Asians, your South Americans, Polynesians, South Asians etc etc you name it!! A showcase of good looking men no doubt …. yet when you start placing every one of these men beside AR in your mental comparison column ….. it’s like he is from the planet OMG on the 4th quadrant of the solar system Norfolk-In-Way. Everytime you try to convince yourself that he is NOT that big a deal, every time you try to look for a flaw you simply end up appreciating him even more.

    I’m not a fan of Hindi movies, at all. I found myself in the movies watching RA.One (his latest flick)… all by myself. He had to go down to a 1.2% body fat level for his role in the movie….feel free to disagree but he would put a human male anatomy model to shame.

    I mean c’mon … let’s take Brando when he was in his prime, let’s take Clint Eastwood, let’s take Steven Seagal in all his slimness, ‘eck even the Alexander Skarsgard spoke about here, Viggo Mortensen …seriously place them beside AR …. well anyone you can think of…no disrespect intended to these stars but they are dim in the light of Rampal.

    I doubt I’ll see a better specimen in my lifetime. If I do well do leave your no cuz when Bob my aunt’s lover comes out to play you’ll be the first to know.

    Keep in touch ladies…keep livin’ the dream.


    • K:

      Thanks so much for your comment and the link. The movie that dance scene is from, Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat, is right here on my desk, in my pile of AR movies to watch. Hopefully, I’ll get to it soon. That was a fun song. I think you need to watch Moksha, which has several scenes that are more or less an homage to his beauty. I’m going to see RA.One on Sunday and hoo boy, yes I have seen some of the photos of him in this film. Wow. I love that he’s a good dancer, too. Again, thanks so much for your comment and AR love!

  22. SlipKnot says:

    No worries Carolyn,

    I’ve watched Moksha. But thanks for the suggestion though. I’ve watched ALL, I repeat ALL of his movies even the ones before the last 4 years…bear in mind I am not a fan of Hindi movies. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF RAMPAL. IT’S THE SIMPLE TRUTH.

    If you put me in front of a 15 ft Great White in the water, I’d cope much better cuz I just wouldn’t know what to do if you put me in front of AR. Might sound silly but I surely ain’t laughing I’ll tell ya that.

  23. SlipKnot says:

    In today’s daily dose of Rampal, I’ve stumbled upon this clip:

    Check out 1:15 to 1:33. Wasn’t interested in the rest of the clip if I’m being honest.


  24. SlipKnot says:

    (cj ETA: This video is “Chand Ho Ya Na 720P HD Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat 2001 DVD Music Video Full Song” Safe to watch!)

  25. Thanks for the link, SlipKnot! That was fun to watch. IMHO, she was not a great dancer, or, rather, the choreography called for things she could not do well. I’m think of the leg lifts which were pretty awkward.

    Arjun was great, but then he always rocks the heat and this was a hot video.

  26. SlipKnot says:

    Mea culpa! Should’ve given the link a description thanks for that.

    Don’t mean to constantly bombard your blog Carolyn but do you want the honest truth? The girl was gorgeous in the song but I was not the least bit interested in her …. this is rather disturbing but I was locked on AR throughout. I get zoned out every single time I watch AR or look at his pics!! It’s like I’m in a different place …and I get depressed when I’ve to leave the laptop. My partner well she thinks AR is a looker no doubt but that’s as far as it goes…she doesn’t get me when it comes to AR but she let’s me be.

    He is aesthetically on a different level altogether. Clint Eastwood is the only one I can think of that comes close but Eastwood is too intense for me. AR has the right amount of buccal fat (cheek fat) … when I say right I mean dead right!! his proportions do not conform (very close tho’) to the Golden Ratio of 1.62 yet he is something else!! AR is proof that beauty is NOT merely confined to the limits of feminism. Effortless.

    Check the following link out; some comments made by a former supermodel called Milind Soman

    I don’t know much about Milind but apparently he used to be a big deal, now Milind obviously has got all the classical requirements but if you put him next to AR ..well I’ll let you finish the sentence.


  27. SlipKnot says:


    Wishing you a grand 2012!!

    I’ve included a link to a music video by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan featuring AR going back a few years now. Pay attention to 0:35 and I’m rendered speechless everytime I freezeframe 0:47.


  28. Oh, thanks for the link!

  29. SlipKnot says:

    In today’s tribute to AR, a short clip featuring pics;

    2:55 to 2:59 – I am lost for words.


  30. SlipKnot says:

    Arjun Rampal – DJ Asad

  31. Oh, nice montages there! Thanks, SlipKnot!