A Day In The Life

Sorry for the radio silence lately. The day job continues to be the day-and-night job. But we are in the process of moving off the bad infrastructure and onto the new one which means there is an end in sight. Thank goodness.

During all this, I’ve also had revisions for Not Wicked Enough. I am ALMOST done.

Last night, I was awakened shortly before midnight with pages from the day-and-night job (see what I mean?) so I hauled myself out of bed, booted up the work laptop and discovered they were, from my perspective at least, false alarms. The databases were fine. Which meant I could go back to bed. But then I didn’t/couldn’t fall back to sleep right away.

Which means I slept late this morning. I had to drive to the Apple store to pick up my repaired Tiny Mac, which is what I’m now calling my old iMac now that I have Big Mac. It has the repaired new hard dive and a newly installed OS and that’s it. No files, of course. I think I don’t have any use for it. Lord knows there’s no room in my room for it. I didn’t get home from that until 12:30, but on the way back I listened to This American Life on NPR which is my favorite NPR program ever because those people know story, and I sat in the car to listen to the end of that first story which was HOLY HECK! amazing. AMAZING. It’s the one about the Brazilian NYC apartment super.

I worked on revisions after that with a break to order a DO NOT DISTURB sign for my door because there were family members who came over and well, much of my family, alas, believes the writing is hardly work at all and doesn’t take time, effort or concentration. My door was shut most of the time. Then at 4:30pm I had to get the work laptop booted up and from then until 8:00 pm I was moving databases to new servers . . .

Thank goodness the progeny can feed himself.

After the server work, I worked more on revisions and finished what I hope is the last big chapter tweak. I have a few things to look at tomorrow and then I email it to my editor.

Now it’s 9:35pm and I’m going to try to wind down before I go to bed so I can get up at a more reasonable hour tomorrow morning, because Sunday is D-Day for Revisions.






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