Movie Review: Moksha

Moksha (Salvation)

This appears to be Rampal’s first movie, since the credits say “Introducing Arjun Rampal” and he is surprisingly good in it considering some massive story problems. It’s not a half bad movie actually.

But I must warn you — maybe warn isn’t the right word. Someone involved with this movie has a water fetish that involves Arjun Rampal and to that person, I give a heartfelt thank you.

Arjun Rampal

We get Arjun Rampal frolicking in all kinds of water. Rainwater, ocean spray, waves, underwater, waterfalls, rivers, fake perspiration, an oasis.

At least twice he is shirtless! and for some time he is wearing a shirt that is mostly rags. There is a very very strange dream sequence when he pees his pants. I am not kidding. Some of the water frolicking is in Rampal-worshipping slo-mo so again, thank you, you twisted freak whoever you are.

I envy the person who had the job of spritzing Rampal with water whenever they needed more fake sweat which was a lot. This movie was beautifully filmed. Really. Especially when the shots involved Rampal. There were lots. With water and hair flips and beads of water running down his perfect face and taut muscles and …..

Right, I’m back.

Was there a Plot?

Well, yes, I guess so. But I didn’t like it much. Rampal is a lawyer who doesn’t practice law because it’s all corrupt and no one will help the wrongly accused poor people. He lives at home with his racehorse training father and seems to have an entire suite of rooms for his own use that is at least as big as a regular house. He does some horse training I think, but he doesn’t actually have a job.

This stalker girl walks up to him and tells him she loves him and he, wisely, manages a weak smile and backs slowly away from the crazy girl. Only, it turns out she’s the love of his life after all and they agree that they will mutually support each other no matter what and if they don’t the punishment is death. But they don’t get married.

Then he wants to start this legal aid society in order to defend innocent poor people but that takes money which he does not have and he is unable to convince anyone one to donate to an endowment. So he gets the brilliant idea that he will rob a bank to fund his Legal Aid Society. Genius! And it’s all OK because he’s doing it for the innocent poor people. Stalker girl, however, is unconvinced his plan is a good idea and tries to talk him out of it. This, he points out, is in violation of their mutual support agreement and you know what that means, right? (He might, possibly, be crazier than Stalker girl.)

On the morning of the big heist he gets to the bank only to find the place swarming with armed guards. Someone, a female someone, has called in a warning. The bank heist cannot take place as planned.

The next thing you know Stalker girl is dead and he’s defending himself in his murder trial. He gets off, believe it or not, and then we learn that he did kill stalker girl because she betrayed their pact only THEN he finds out it wasn’t her that called in the tip — she did not betray their pact and he is really really sad. The end.


The Take Away

This is an Arjun Rampal water fetish film. Watch it.


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4 Responses to “Movie Review: Moksha”

  1. Julie Anderson says:

    HILARIOUS – Clearly a must watch! Have you ever seen Jism?

  2. Heh. No, I have not seen Jism. off to Google! Thanks!

  3. Arwa says:

    OMG the review is absolutely hysterical! Love it!

    I agree that Moksha was a “water fetish film”. I couldn’t stop starring at Arjun dripping all wet. That’s what I remember the most about the movie. Hotness! I also love the scenery. Simply breathtaking! 😀

  4. Arwa says:

    Btw, this was Arjun’s first film but it had a late release which made it the second movie. “Pyar ishq aur mohabbat” became his first (release) film. It was an okay though. But watching Arjun half naked made it worth the watch.

    Did you see “Legend of kunal” with Arjun and Amitabh Bachchan. I loved the synopsis but I can’t find the DVD anywhere. Bummer!