I am peeved about this

So, I use Yahoo as my browser home page. Because. That’s why.

Anyway, Yahoo has been spiffy-ing up their home page with customizable stuff some of which is incredibly annoying. Like that footer bar that keeps showing up. But I like that I can customize the sidebar links.

But now, apparently, they’re doing some kind of data mining on what news items they show you. The top ones in the news link list are always ones of national interest. Cool. I like to know what blew up since the last time I checked. But the bottom three or four, it seems, are based on links you clicked in the past.

There isn't much in Kansas


And here’s the problem: This one time something interesting happened in Kansas and I clicked on that link. Oh my god. Never do this. Ever. Unless you have some kind of Kansas fetish, then you could.

Because now all the bottom 3-4 links are always about stuff that happens in Kansas. But I DON’T CARE!! I would rather see those links be about stuff that happens in, say, Northern California, where I live. I don’t want to be fed anymore news about shit that happened in Kansas. I don’t care if the main highway is under construction or if some Kansas City Council had a fight or whatever. I DON’T CARE.

I am now very careful never to click any links about Kansas but they won’t go away. I’ve tried clicking the (few) links about stuff that happens in California, but all I see is Kansas. I was only in Kansas City once and you know what? There’s not actually all that much to do there when your budget is $1.50 a day.

This is not an isolated problem


Hopelites. They Follow You Everywhere

I have the same issue with my Google Books widget on my iGoogle page. This one time, I was researching stuff about Syria and Alexander the Great and now Google Books is absolutely convinced I must want this one book about the Hopelites and their methods of war. Ever since, and it’s been more than a year now, that damned book shows up in my widget several times a week and I have NEVER EVER clicked on it. It’s fucking following me and it won’t go away. Just like Kansas won’t go away.

This is a data mining failure. And there’s no way I can find to correct the error.

Look, I don’t have anything against Kansas. Or, I didn’t a month ago, but now? I’m starting to hate that State. I wish I could send the Hopelites there.


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