Hunky Model with Mystery Tat

OK, so I’m using the photo below (have purchased all rights) to use for/in the cover of “Future Tense: The uncensored version.” If possible, I’d like to know what his tat says. It’s not Chinese, but maybe’s it’s Thai? or something? I think it’s cool but I might have to have it photoshopped out. Does anyone know what it might say or represent? I would be grateful to know. I’m just so thrilled to have found an ethnic model because I tell you, I spent a LONG time looking for an image like this. I’ve shrunk down the photo considerably, but it’s still large enough to see.

P.S. Sorry to all the people I stupidly told I thought it was Chinese. I was going off memory and once I looked at it, yeah, obviously that’s totally not Chinese.

Book Cover Hunk With Mystery Tat


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One Response to “Hunky Model with Mystery Tat”

  1. Ah, Twitter may have helped me out:

    ::IsobelCarr @cjewel not language. Alchemy symbols , zodiac glyphs & angelic script.::

    So, who knows what Angelic script is?

    Any thoughts appreciated.