This Seems Significant To Me (Developments in Digital Publishing)

This sale seems quite significant to me. (Emphasis Added by Me)

Co-founder and Executive Editor of RealClearPolitics Thomas Bevan and RealClearPolitics Washington Editor Carl M. Cannon’s THE REALCLEARPOLITICS POLITICAL DOWNLOAD ELECTION 2012: The Battle Begins, giving readers a behind-the-scenes look at the early stages of the 2012 race, followed by two more short form e-originals released at different stages of the campaign and one full-length book that will include all three ebooks as well as new material to be published in both physical and digital formats following the 2012 election, to Molly Stern at Crown, with Sean Desmond to edit, for publication starting on November 4, 2012, by the authors (World).

Perhaps there’s hope for traditional publishing after all.

What do you think? How do you think this could be applied to fiction?



2 Responses to “This Seems Significant To Me (Developments in Digital Publishing)”

  1. You’re right. This IS very interesting, Carolyn. Hmmm!

  2. I had exactly the same reaction. This strikes me as very forward thinking.