You Need Not Wicked Enough. Really!

Around the time I have a release, I stop looking at websites that might have reviews of the book. I do that because, like so many writers, a “bad” review depresses me far more than a “good” review elates me. I beat myself up over such things and so — I have made the decision to avoid that. I can often look at reviews of books of mine that have been out for a while though I still don’t search them (the reviews) out.

For current releases, when my memories of everything I hoped the book would be and my feelings about flaws are still fresh (and, when, quite arguably, reviews matter) I rely on friends to let me know when a review is safe to look at. Occasionally a Google Alert will have enough text that I can risk clicking through — but usually, I delete those review alerts immediately.

My historical, Not Wicked Enough will be out in February 2012. It’s WAY too early to start avoiding review sites and alerts. So I thought.

Except today, Jane at Dear Author listed books she’s recently read. Now, as a reader I LOVE that feature because it lets me know who likes what and what’s in my reading future. So I scanned her list and ACK!!! I kid you not, at first I went, wait, that’s MY book title! And then, oh, doh.

Not Wicked Enough by Carolyn Jewel (ARC, release date Feb 7, 2012). Enjoyed this different historical story of a wealthy woman who fell in love with a soldier. She gave up her virginity to him and then he died before they could marry. She’s single out of choice because she never believed she could love again. The hero is a former farmer found to be the male heir of a dukedom that was to revert to a crown. He needs to marry to gain respectability for his title. Full review near release date.

I am now feeling very neurotic about that (what does she mean by enjoyed?) but hey! She enjoyed it.

You should probably go pre-order. Right? From your favorite vendor or bookseller.


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6 Responses to “You Need Not Wicked Enough. Really!”

  1. I so know what you mean! I’d be like, is she damning it with faint praise? Or telling it straight – that she enjoyed it–TRULY enjoyed? Which is a great thing! It’s a rohrshacht Ink blot (the spelling of which I’m far too lazy to look up.)

    Well, I will be enjoying it. I am really looking forward to this one.

  2. Exactly! When she was typing that, was she mentally inserting little sarcasm tags around it? What if it was bored tags? What if she was thinking of some other book and accidentally typed in my book title and name? What if enjoy was a typo?

    I classify this comment of mine as a Stupid Web Trick and it’s long been my policy that authors should not engage in Stupid Web Tricks because they inevitably lead to imbecility. I’m long past it.


  3. Anna says:

    Poor authors! How you suffer for your art. *pat pat*

    @Carolyn Jewel…Your blurb about Not Wicked Enough has me excited! It sounds like a very good story. I like when a non-virgin heroine is in a historical romance. As if single women weren’t having sex with men before they went to war. Integrating Waterloo is common in HRs. Prolly lots of Waterloo babies. ;o)

    @Carolyn Crane…Loved Head Rush! Five Happy Gumbies!

  4. Thanks, Anna!

    I bet there was a baby boom after Waterloo, though I don’t know how depressed birthrates were from loss of life in the war.

  5. Dol says:

    Hello! i cant wait for Kynan Aijan ‘s story! 😀 keep up the gd work 😀 im from Singapore btw. ^^