Writer Pr0n

This past weekend, historical romance author Joanna Bourne was in my part of the country. She drove nearly 2 hours to meet up with me and historical romance author Isobel Carr who lives about an hour from me so that we could have High Tea at the amazing Patisserie Angelica about 30 or so minutes north of me. I brought along my copy of History of Brooks’s because I knew I was in the company of people who would find a list of the members of Brooks’s fun to flip through.

We had wonderful food and great company and we talked all about books and writing and having stories in your head and we just had the greatest time. I’m so glad they both drove up here. The food was great, too. and really, just lovely.





3 Responses to “Writer Pr0n”

  1. Anna says:

    How fun! Joanna Bourne writes superb historical romance novels. Love her!

  2. Anna says:

    I also saw she’s going to write Pax’s story. Woot!