Books!! Crimson City eBooks!!

I’ve been remiss. Anyway:

Cover of A Darker Crimson

My Crimson City title, A Darker Crimson, is now available for your eReading delight and, for a limited time, at a special price of $2.99. Links to various vendors are here.

I’ve fixed some errors that made it into the print version and smoothed out a few things so this books is, I think, even better than the print version. Even though it’s Book 4 in the Crimson City series, it can be read as a standalone, though if you haven’t read the other books in the series, you certainly may want to.

Crimson City police officer Claudia Donovan ends up trapped in the demon world with vampire Tibieru Khorza. Can she trust him enough to help her rescue her daughter and get home to Crimson City?

Lots of demons in the book. Vampire sex and demon sex. Check it out.

For some reason, Amazon has unhooked the reviews from the book, but hopefully they’ll get that fixed.

Cover for Crimson City Novella "DX"

Even better, my Crimson City novella, DX is also available as an eBook and for the special price of FREE at certain vendors — Smashwords and All Romance eBooks. HOWEVER!! Amazon is not yet price matching so it’s still 0.99 there. You should be able to get the novella free in the format you need at the mentioned vendors. Links to the various vendors are here.

Hell Marshall wants her old job back but to do it, she needs to track down the DX (demon of unknown origins”). Covert Agent Jaden Lightfeather has been assigned to help her, but is he want he seems? Together, they go after the DX and encounter Hell’s ex, vampire criminal boss Tuan Ng and a rogue werewolf. Check it out.


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4 Responses to “Books!! Crimson City eBooks!!”

  1. Brenda Hyde says:

    Thank you Carolyn:) I just downloaded DX… I’ll pick up a Darker Crimson on payday. I love the covers on both of them!

  2. Yay! I hope you enjoy DX. And yes, the covers are lovely. Patricia Schmitt did the covers for me.

  3. Lizzielvr says:

    Excellent news! Thank you Carolyn!