The Jewel Award of Excellence

Who wouldn’t want to win this coveted prize? Established in January 2012, this prize recognizes excellence according to me. Winners are chosen at my discretion. Bribes are welcomed and, well, the competition has been fierce! Winners receive accolades!

This year’s nominees so far:

  • Meljean Brook for excellence in satire (no Bribe necessary).
  • Dreaming In Books in the Young Person Most Likely to do Something Awesome (guaranteed winner based on his suggested bribes and general awesomeness)
  • Alex Smith, Quarterback for the SF 49ers, in the Person Most Entitled to Say FU to the Media Category
  • Arjun Rampal in the Smoking Hot category

Include your nominee and category in the comments. Feel free to mention the bribe you’re willing to offer me in order to have your nomination win.



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