News Flash!! DX is Free for Kindle (Limited Time!)

Until 1/31/12 (or thereabouts, might be a couple days longer) my Crimson City novella DX is free for Kindle.

Get DX for Kindle for $0.00

I can’t guarantee the date it goes back to the usual price because I’m dependent on Amazon price matching, however, on February 1, I’ll be setting the price back to $1.99 at the other vendors.

Cover for Crimson City Novella "DX"

Demons. Werewolves. An Internal-Operations agent who just wants her job back . . .
DX is a NOVELLA, and is about 25,000 words. It originally appeared in the anthology Shards of Crimson.


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2 Responses to “News Flash!! DX is Free for Kindle (Limited Time!)”

  1. Dana S says:

    Very cool. Thank you for the free novella! I have the anthology in paperback, but I always like being able to have an ebook copy. My eyes are getting old, and I like being able to embiggen the letters.

    And FYI, you’re missing a “h” in front of your link.

  2. Thanks! I fixed that. Fat fingers I guess. Keep an eye out for other Crimson City Deals.