More Newsy-News

Review News has a lovely review of Not Wicked Enough:

Much like Carla Kelly, Carolyn Jewel has a knack for writing unusual characters who seem to fit with one another. She also can get you into those characters’ heads and make an otherwise boring plot seem new and fresh – which is exactly what she’s done with Not Wicked Enough.
. . .
[T]rust me, this is a book you WANT TO READ. So pick it up and put it on the top of your TBR pile.

Did you get your copy yet?

I was going to mention some other news, but I think I’m going to sit tight while I wait to see about one additional official response. I do have a very amiable resolution to a situation that arose unexpectedly. Why should a writer have an agent? Because they do wonderful things for you like deal with foreign publishers and American foreign rights agents whose paperwork leaves something to be desired. But as said, that situation has been resolved to my satisfaction.



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