Text of my eMail to RWA regarding Discrimination Against a Class of Members

I just sent this email to RWA.

Dear RWA Board:

I’m writing to request clarification of the situation with the amended rules for the Magic Writers Ink RWA chapter. By now, I’m sure you are all aware that they have amended their Contest rules to specifically exclude romances with same-sex couples as the romantic couple.

What I’m seeing on the web is that the RWI chapter believes it has the approval of RWA National for this rule change. I would like to know if that’s the case.

If it’s not, I would like a clarification for all chapters of what RWA intended when it (allegedly) gave RWI permission for this change.

If it is true, I wish to go on record as being in vehement opposition to such a ruling by the National organization. It is unfair. It is offensive. It is discriminatory. Authors who write same sex couples are not prohibited from joining RWA. Indeed, there is an official RWA chapter authors who write such works. To the best of my knowledge, they pay the same fee as every other member. I have certainly never seen anywhere that such authors pay a different membership fee. This being the case, what possible justification can there be for allowing an RWA chapter to introduce a rule that limits the ability of these authors to participate in RWA sponsored events?

There are two places in the P&P that I believe prohibit this discriminatory rule: I have highlighted the relevant text, and restate here: All members shall be eligible for rights, privileges and benefits


Membership Benefits. All members of RWA (except Affiliate members) shall receive RWA’s official publications for which they are eligible, and may attend the Conference and enter the RITA or Golden Heart contest at the member rate. All members of RWA may join one or more RWA chapters, and shall be eligible for such other rights, privileges, and benefits provided from time to time by the Board.

Page 140 of the RWA Policies and Procedures states the following for chapters:

Section 4.7. Membership Benefits. All members of the chapter shall have the right to receive or access the chapter newsletter and to attend chapter meetings and shall be eligible for such other rights, privileges, and benefits [, all for such reasonable fees, if any,] as may be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors. Members may not transfer either membership or membership benefits to another person.

It is my belief that the clear intent of this language is that all members shall be treated equally.

The RWI rule amendment does NOT treat all members equally. Specifically, it excludes all chapters members who write same sex couples from entering their chapter contest. On the face of it, the rule also excludes most, if not all, members of the Rainbow chapter from entering. It also would exclude any other RWA member from entering if their entry fits the exclusion noted.

Can you please clarify RWA’s position on this matter as soon as possible?

I am, at the moment, having a very difficult time seeing how I could continue with membership in a professional organization that discriminates against certain of its members.

Carolyn Jewel



6 Responses to “Text of my eMail to RWA regarding Discrimination Against a Class of Members”

  1. zomg wtf? Thank you for writing this. I hadn’t heard a word of it, and this is good to know.

    I’m still not over RT not allowing reviews of gay romance. Threesomes? Yes. No gay.

    Actually, I’m really hot about that, too.

    • RT doesn’t allow reviews of gay romance? Really? Where do they draw the line? What about fiction with gay characters? How gay is too gay? Gay friend is OK, Gay protagonist is not? Or gay protagonist is OK as long as he/she doesn’t have sex? Did they review Brockman’s story about Robin and his love? What happens if JR Ward writes Blay and Quinn?

  2. […] a boycott of the contest, “Don’t enter More than Magic,” and Carolyn Jewel has publicly posted her very articulate letter to the RWA board on this […]

  3. SonomaLass says:

    KatieBabs blogged about RT not reviewing gay romance a couple of years ago; she asked about it and posted the RT staff response here : http://kbgbabbles.blogspot.com/2009/10/rt-book-reviews-doesnt-review-gay.html

    *wanders away shaking her head*

  4. KT Grant says:

    RT will allow ads for LGBT romances in their magazine (I guess money talks) but refuses to review it. When I asked I was told it was because their readership doesn’t read GLBT romance.

    Another reason I haven’t attended the RT convention.

  5. Let me get this clear: RT is reviewing erotica with werewolf characters “going into heat” (quote from a review in the February issue), but they won’t review novels featuring gay or lesbian protagonists? Wow. Just … wow …