So close….

Sorry for all the radio silence. I’ve been busy. But I finally got through the revisions for the My Immortals novella, which I believe I’ll be renaming Free Fall. I’m doing a read-through, then it goes out for copyediting.

Then I get back to the historical novella, Dauntless.

But, what do you think of the title Free Fall for a paranormal novella? Lot’s of psychic power stuff with a heroine who refers to losing control of her abilities as going into Free Fall. I’m mulling over a tag, too. Something like, “A My Immortals series novella” seems not so interesting.

Anyway, off to finish that. What have you-all been up to?

Here’s a picture of our tulips:

photo of tulips


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4 Responses to “So close….”

  1. Katherine Bolton says:

    I think as a title it really works: Vivid image, snappy, and it should draw a wide variety of readers to look at the book: thriller, mystery, etc.

    Katherine Bolton

  2. Stephanie says:

    Your tulips are beautiful! Free Fall makes me want to look at the cover find out what it’s about and oh, look, one of my favorite authors wrote it…

  3. Timothea says:

    I like it – it should generate interest from more than the normal readership. That’s what you want