Rant Alert!

If you discover evidence that the hot dude you slept with last night has lots of other women, the phrase “another notch in the headboard” does NOT take on “a whole new meaning.” It retains its EXACT current meaning. You are just the latest. And sometime next week you will be somewhere in the middle and he won’t remember your name.

It would take on a whole new meaning if, shortly after your delightful interlude, a sharp and mysterious weapon thunked into the headboard and stuck there with the other 10 just like it. And you say, “Oh my GOD!!! What is that?” And he says, with a heavy sigh, “NEVER buy real estate next to the Secret Ninja Training grounds.” And then you say, “What?” and he says, “It’s just another notch in the headboard. Don’t touch it. They’re poison.”

And then, as long as you’re not the heroine in this one certain DNF book, you think about that and realize you ought to leave before you’re the next stiff under the bed.

Seriously. That’s just such sloppy, sloppy writing. WTF?



3 Responses to “Rant Alert!”

  1. Limecello says:

    I … *shakes head sadly*

  2. Bonnee says:

    I’m not sure what just happened so I’m just going to nod in agreement.