Poll: Because, that’s Why.

You walk into your kitchen one day and it is sparkling clean. This means:

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9 Responses to “Poll: Because, that’s Why.”

  1. Or rather I got smart and hired a maid service *grin*

  2. KD James says:

    It means my mother is coming to visit. Or . . . I’m stuck somewhere in the writing process.

    One of these is more likely (ie, frequent) than the other. [sigh]

  3. glossaria says:

    Ditto on the “mother coming to visit” option. (Tho’ I’d guarantee, if that were the case, that the sink drainer would be packed with drying pots and pans, and there’d probably still be bleach in the sink.)

    I would prefer the kitchen elves. And they should be REAL ELVES, mind you. (But not brownies, because saying I have brownies in my kitchen would just get confusing.) A kitchen god would be likewise acceptable, if he’s really good-looking. Bonus if he knows divine things to do with chocolate. …I’m getting off-topic, aren’t I?

  4. carla says:

    I’d love to believe in kitchen elves but the reality is that in some type of wine induced delusion, I broke into someone else’s house.

  5. I agree with Carla – a) alcohol must have been involved and b) it must have been epic for me to end up at my neighbor’s house (she always has a clean kitchen so that must be where I ended up).

  6. SonomaLass says:

    I revel in other people’s clean kitchens and try not to feel shame.