The Carolyn Jewel Seal of Sanity

OBVIOUSLY, the world is in need a way for someone to tell if an author they are interested in reading is a raving lunatic and should be avoided at all costs. And I am leaping into the abyss to answer that need.

All an author needs to do is answer the following questions in the comments to this post. All the insane author comments will be deleted, leaving ONLY the sane ones left. If you’re a reader, reviewer, or about to walk into a library, bookstore or just thinking of loading up your eReader, you’ll want to check this post BEFORE you buy that book or accept a copy for review.

The Questions

  1. What’s the best way to make someone love you?
  2. Which is your favorite font? Comic Sans, Lucida Console, Script, anything with a glowing drop shadow, Palatino or equivalent
  3. How many email addresses do you use per day, on average, over a month?
  4. Where do you keep your list of mortal enemies?
  5. Fll in the blanks: You owe me, you _________ __________.

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10 Responses to “The Carolyn Jewel Seal of Sanity”

  1. Comment deleted by blog owner

  2. Comment deleted by blog owner again

  3. removed (omg!!!!)

  4. Shiloh walker says:

    People already love me!

    Glowing… Caps!


    Email & safety deposit box

    Crazy :$&(:&!

    🙂 I’m sane

  5. These are trick questions! My different email addresses have their own lists of mortal enemies – plural – and therefore cannot be kept in one place.

  6. Ummm, I’m still stuck on the fact that you had to delete four comments! Geez people.

  7. I believe that what we all need is a dose of sanity, calm, and cooperation amongst authors and bloggers.

    FYI, if you delete my comment I will send my rabid cat named I AM THE BEST AUTHOR EVAR!!1!!! to your house to cough up a hair ball on everything you love! And then she will eat the hair ball and poop on your computer to make sure your reign of terror ends! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

    I am too busy and important to answer five questions, so I shall answer but one: Where do you keep your list of mortal enemies? I keep it in my bra, along with the good silver.

  8. Anna says:

    This whole episode is so creepy!

    Other questions to ask:

    6) Work is a validation of self-worth. Y or N
    7) Do you ever feel people are out to get you?
    8) The voices in my head whisper _____________.


  9. Berinn Rae says:

    1-everyone better love me, dang it, or else refer to #4
    2-Glowing drop shadow, bold, italicized, and in all caps
    3-A gazillion, give or take a few
    4-in my backyard, under little piles of dirt
    5-piece of #*&#@#$ )&*(