RWA: Day T-1the fun has started.

My road trip to RWA12 with fellow author Isabelle Carr was uneventful. We left Nor Cal about 6:30am and arrived in Anaheim at 12:30pm. No traffic problems, though taking 99 is probably the reason for that.

We immediately ran into several other authors: Cindy Dees, Jade Lee, Anne Aguirre and others. We talked and solved the world’s problems. (You are welcome!) Then, since we had a car we ran some errands and brought along author Delilah Marvelle.

We had dinner with MORE authors, including Olivia Gates and her beautiful daughter. Olivia gave me a cute clutch purse AND an Egyptian pound. I counted out 55 cents US in change for her because I am awesome that way.

We ran into Deb Werksman of Sourcebooks and author Grace Burrows, too. Now I am back in my room and kind of tired. I have a breakfast date and would like to get some sleep.

The concensus is the hotel Internet is not worth the money they want. I am hugging my iPad close. The staff is really nice and helpful though.
To bed with me


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One Response to “RWA: Day T-1the fun has started.”

  1. Anna says:

    Hotel internet prices are ridiculous!

    My husband is in LA for business. He didn’t seem inclined to stop by the conference. I told him you had chocolate chip cookies at table 600. LOL

    Have a terrific time! :o)