Three Easy Steps to A Super Great Title of Nobility for your Duke

Deciding on the title of nobility for the hero of the historical romance you’re writing is pretty important. To help you out, I’ve put together this super helpful name creation method guaranteed to result in a title of nobility that fits seamlessly into your story. With this method, readers will think you spent MONTHS coming up with that title.

Step One

Make one selection from each of these lists:

List #1

  • Raven
  • Castle
  • Hawk
  • Ash
  • Rhino
  • Lion
  • Wind

List #2

  • e
  • s
  • y
  • ing
  • l or li

List #3

  • ton
  • ham
  • wood
  • ford
  • don
  • sward (advanced users only!)

Step Two

Combine your three choices in order:

Raven s ford

Step Three

You might actually be done at this point, but to really make that name pop, have some fun with vowels: change a random vowel to Y and/or insert an extra e somewhere, or simply remove a vowel.

IMPORTANT: If you chose an animal name from the first list, don’t skip this step.





See how easy it is? Feel free to use this method for every story you write.



3 Responses to “Three Easy Steps to A Super Great Title of Nobility for your Duke”

  1. SonomaLass says:

    You are awesome. And so generous to provide these helpful hints!

  2. Oh, how much do I love this? It makes me just want to write a historical! About dastardly Lord Lionwoode!

  3. I believe in paying it forward. Thanks!

    Carolyn, I will be waiting to read all about Lord Lionwoode!