Success and the Busy Life

The other day someone I know was talking about this great idea he was prototyping– very slowly because he does not have much time. It actually is an awesome idea. He mentioned he wanted to make some money from this. He has a young child and another on the way so time is at a premium for him. He wants to be with his kids. Of course! But a few minutes later, he went to lunch with co-workers. I did not. On my lunch hour, I wrote 500 words on the novel in progress.



2 Responses to “Success and the Busy Life”

  1. Berinn Rae says:

    Short but sweet and so very right! Thanks for the reminder that success takes dedication.

    • Thanks Berinn! I hear a lot of people bemoaning their lack of time to do X.

      Whether you actually do X is a function of how badly you want it and/or what kind of psychological defenses you have in place. I think fear of failure or fear of a bad result is a major cause of the “I don’t have time.”