Quiz! How to Tell If You Should Do Your Own Book Cover

Lots of authors are diving into the self-publishing waters. Before I say anything else let me say this: Self-Publishing is the best thing to happen to authors since the debut of the word processor.

But that’s no excuse for horrific covers. If you are an author you are unlikely to have the necessary design skills to pull together an effective book cover. I’m not saying it’s impossible. Absolutely there are authors who have the skills. But do you? I’ve put together a handy quiz for you to make a quick check of the likelihood that you can do this on your own:

All questions relate to book covers:

  1. Have you ever made a living doing design or graphics work for the web?
  2. If you were to choose a font for your book, would you
    1. select a font from the list that shows up in your graphics program
    2. Find a font website and choose a serif and a sans-serif font to license
  3. Do you know what kerning is and why you might need to do this?
  4. In the past 10 days, have you looked at a color wheel?
  5. Have you ever read a book about typography or read five or more articles about typography by people who do typography for a living?
  6. Are there 3 or more cover artists whose work you instantly recognize?

How to Score

If you answered yes to Question 1 give yourself 15 points
If you answered yes to 2A deduct 50 points.
If you answered yes to 2B give yourself 1 point
Give yourself 1 point for every yes for questions 3-6.

I’ll wait while you do the arithmetic….

Points Scored

20 or more: You can probably do your own cover.
6-19: you MIGHT be able to do your own cover.
5: Not yet.
4: Unlikely.
3: No.
2: I’m sorry, no.
1: Please don’t.
Any negative number: hell no.

You’re welcome!



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