Progress Report and Craziness

Life has been busy lately, to say the least. In the writing realm, I can say that My Darkest Passion (My Immortals 5 – Harsh’s book) is still coming along.

I just completed a vast reorganization of the chapters. I haven’t settled yet on the way I will structure the story. I started out purely chronological then switched to some flashback scenes and now I’m back to chronological. The second method had some extremely effective benefits, but for the moment, I am going to work on this thing from point A to point B and then decide if that’s the best way to structure the final version.

Two red pens have been sacrificed during my last set of paper read throughs. TWO! I am on my third. The good news is this means things are way better. It means I am deepening emotions and characters and honing in on what makes them and their story tick.

I am close. Very close to sending it to my editor. But not yet.

This also means you can expect to see a completely different current chapter 1 posting soon.


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2 Responses to “Progress Report and Craziness”

  1. That can be a verra hard decision!! Best of luck to you!

  2. Had to smile while reading this post as I’m going through a similar experience with my latest book! But, doesn’t it feel good to see it take shape? I love that feeling you get when you KNOW that you’re making the work better. Best of luck getting it just the way you want it to read – I’m sure it will be wonderful!