Newsing the Covers

I have two covers to show you:

First, the cover for My Darkest Passion, Book 5 of the My Immortals series. The MS is back from a beta read and I’m working on those revisions now. Then it’s off to my editor, so I’m thinking mid-to-late February is looking good as a release date. This is Harsh Marit’s story. At long last, I was able to find an image of a Southeast Asian (Indian) man that was super hot. In fact, I found more than one! Because, as the world is discovering, there is actually no shortage of Indian men more than suitably hot for a romance cover. Woot!!! Patricia Schmitt is the cover artist for both.

Serious face of a Southeast Asian (Indian) man looking to the left. He is extremely handsome.

Cover! Hot!

Second, here’s the new cover for Lord Ruin. I’ve already uploaded it to Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble, along with some updates to the text, mostly formatting, but I did find a few more typos. I’ll have the file updated for Smashwards and All Romance shortly.

A man holding the face of a woman with her eyes closed.

New Cover!


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