Facebook Doesn’t Like Me?

I’ve temporarily deactiviated my blog’s “Like” buttons as it appears that Norton/Symantec is flagging all of them as malware and blocking ALL wordpress sites that have like buttons. I’ve scanned my site and it’s clean, by the way. So, I think, are all the others.

I believe it’s a Norton issue, but it first came up yesterday when my fellow Risky Regency-ette Janet Mullaney reported that Norton was blocking her from reaching the Risky Regencies. Her email included the path of the file Norton didn’t like. That path pointed to a Facebook application key, which made me decide to disable the Facebook like plugin the Riskies site uses. Janet was then able to get to the Riskies site.

Problem solved, I thought.

Janet then posted at the Riskies and mentioned her Norton/facebook troubles in her post AND continued s story I’d started on my post the previous day. Her story continuation was cute, so I tweeted it and someone clicked through and then tweeted/asked me if I knew anything about facebook malware, as she uses Norton and was getting blocked from a number of sites… She sent me the path that she was seeing blocked and when I compared that to the one Janet M sent me, it was a different Facebook like plugin with a different app key.

Several other people on Twitter reported that they, too, were getting blocked from sites…. And, indeed, mine was being blocked, until I deactivated my (different) facebook like plugins. I suspect there is actually no malware problem at all. (My blog and the Riskies site both come up clean. Other report their wordpress installs are also reported clean.)

So, for now, if you are dying to follow me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/carolynjewelAuthor

I imagine Norton will address this shortly. Or else we’ll find out something really dreadful has happened over at FB, in which case if you haven’t disabled your FB like plugins, you will very much wish you had.



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