Updated Chapters 1 and 2 for My Darkest Passion

I’ve posted an updated excerpt from My Darkest Passion.  The book is with my editor now which means it should be out soon. I suppose it also means I should be working on the back blurb. Anyway, I’ve posted Chapters 1 and 2 since chapter 1 is a bit short.

It’s possible it could all change, of course, but this close to the finish line, it’s less likely that it was, say, 4 months ago.


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6 Responses to “Updated Chapters 1 and 2 for My Darkest Passion”

  1. Test 5. This is pretty exciting.

  2. I’m sure you’re all wondering what happened to “Test 2.” Well, my QA process had to take into account the possibility that comments were hung and something might shake them loose. “Testy Test” was done from within my dashboard — which proved that comments did work. I disabled my first suspect, and that comment was poor Test 2. I could not use Test 2 for a comment after I disabled the next suspect because then I wouldn’t know if Test 2 was the first attempt or the 2nd.

    So, I’m sorry there’s no test 2 comment for your enjoyment. Test 2 died for science.