For Your Viewing Pleasure

Spring is coming! Yay!!!

Here are some pictures I took today. There are some LOL cat worthy ones, too. I haven’t uploaded them to flickr yet, but I’ll update the post when I do. Creative Commons, non-commerical, attribution, so yes, you can use these, just give me a link back. The full size (5MB or more) will be at my flickr account.

white flower, orange center

Photo by Yours Truly

Plum Blossom taken looking toward the sun

Photo by Yours Truly

Abu, my blue abyssinian

Are You Effing Kidding me? Photo by Yours Truly

Abu, Blue Abyssinian looking pissed off

I said No. Photo By Yours Truly


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2 Responses to “For Your Viewing Pleasure”

  1. Those flowers look amazing! (And the kitteh looks amazingly p.o. *g*)

  2. Readsalot81 says:

    You take such gorgeous pictures Carolyn! 😉 LOL@the cat. Such a disdainful expression on that face!