Writing News: One Starlit Night and My Darkest Passion

One Starlit Night

Cover of One Starlit Night

Cover of One Starlit Night

One Starlit Night, the novella I wrote for the anthology Midnight Scandals will be available for individual purchase with in a day or two. Possibly even by the time you’re reading this. I’ve uploaded the files and now it’s just wait for them to post! I’ve uploaded to Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Apple and Smashwords. AllRomance eBooks is more work so that will take a day or two more.

As soon as I have links, I’ll post them. So, go forth and purchase. If you didn’t buy the anthology, here’s you chance to have just mine. Or just Courtney Milan’s, or just Sherry Thomas’s.

The cover, by the way, was made by the amazing Courtney Milan.

My Darkest Passion – Update

The MS is back from my editor. It took longer than I had figured in the schedule which is why I’m behind. I’m learning as I go how long things take. This is the first time my editor has worked on a full length novel for me, so I could only guesstimate the time. I expect the revisions to take about a week, and then it goes to my copyeditor. And THEN I’ll start creating the files. So, soon? OK?

I’m getting the print cover pulled together as we speak and I think I’ve worked out the kinks for the interior formatting for the print version. Progress is being made!


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One Response to “Writing News: One Starlit Night and My Darkest Passion”

  1. Rosie says:

    Thanks for the update on My Darkest Passion!! I’ve been checking frequently so I didn’t miss the release. I’m really looking forward to it.