Woot!! My Darkest Passion has been Uploaded

Serious face of a Southeast Asian (Indian) man looking to the left. He is extremely handsome.

Cover! Hot!

OK, folks. It’s REAL.

I’ve uploaded My Darkest Passion to:


Smashwords and ARE are next, then the print version.

It’ll be a couple of days before the files are actually on sale, and, naturally, I am now wracked with nerves that I uploaded the wrong file or missed some major formatting problems, or that the book just isn’t any good.



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6 Responses to “Woot!! My Darkest Passion has been Uploaded”

  1. Timothea says:

    YAY! Finally!

    And well done on getting ALL the hard work done!

  2. sandalaf says:

    Today is Friday the 19th … and “My Darkest Passion” is up on Amazon. I just purchased my Kindle copy, and I’m planning to settle in for the weekend with what I know will be a great read. Thank you for all the hard work and sweat that went in to creating, writing, polishing and delivering this story to us. I KNOW I’ll be having an enjoyable reading weekend.

  3. ChrisQ says:

    Awesome! lol So worth the wait! Thanks for all the hard work. Thanks so much 😉

  4. Karen says:

    The book is good!